The hypnotic conditioning worked wonders. Most of the time she couldn’t even remember her old identity, when she’d been a smart feminist, back before she’d been made to get giant fake whore tits and dress like a slut. Most of the time she was just a happy little bimbo. But for extra fun, sometimes he would give her the command that brought her old personality back to the surface, and watch her slowly dawning comprehension and humiliation at what she looked like and what she was doing. 

Usually in this state she had to be held down so she wouldn’t run away. In this state he would often tell her all the people she had fucked, and all the times she had agreed she was nothing but a stupid big-titted bimbo. Sometimes he would let his friends fuck her like that while she struggled. Always he would tell her that once he brought her bimbo personality back she would thank him – she would *want* to thank him – and would beg for further degradations.

And always he would play a game with her. He would describe to her the most degrading sexual torture he could think of, and then offer her a choice. Either he could do that to her right now, while she remembered things like feminism and education and the ability to say no to sex… or else she could think of something even worse, but he would do it to her after she changed back into a giggly stupid fuckbunny.

She hated that fuckbunny version of herself, and she never passed up the opportunity to defer her torture to be experienced by her bimbo side. And the degradations she came up with for herself were always so much better than anything he proposed…


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