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“Teasers” was the hit new reality gameshow of the season, and once the first season aired, everyone was talking about it.

The premise was simple. A pretty girl entered as a contestant. She was tasked with cockteasing a target – a male friend, co-worker or relative. Hidden cameras were set up throughout the girl’s house, workplace, and regular haunts. The girl needed to get the target’s cock exposed, erect, and pre-cum visible on the tip. If she succeeded in doing this, and then left the presence of the target, got to the studio, and registered her victory, she’d win a substantial cash prize.

A girl who won was offered the chance for double-or-nothing, if she was prepared to do it again. Sometimes she was given the same target, sometimes it was a different guy. Only now she had to do it while wearing a slutty dress picked by the studio, and she had to confess a violent rape fantasy to the target while cockteasing him.

Girls who won twice got a third, final, double-or-nothing, with all of the above conditions, plus two bonus “ultimate risk” conditions, decided by spinning the studio’s Cocktease Wheel and reading the results. A girl might be required to go off birth control, or do the entire date with her hands cuffed behind her back, or lick the first drop of pre-cum off the man’s cock with her tongue, or tell their target they didn’t respect men who would take a “no” from a girl they wanted to fuck. If she made it through this final round, she walked away fabulously rich.

That was for the girls who got their guy hard, and then told him “no” successfully, though. Not all girls won; very few won three times in a row. If the girl’s target penetrated any orifice of her body with his cock, or ejaculated on any part of her body, or if he reached orgasm in any way while preventing her from leaving his presence, she lost. Losing girls forfeited all their prize money, and were obliged to enter a three-year contract to star in hardcore porn content for the studio. Plus, the targets were legally indemnified from any prosecution or lawsuit for rape, although they didn’t know it at the time – the girls specified consent to being sexually forced in their contract.

Nathaly was a first-season contestant, silly and giggly and confident in her sexuality and star-struck at the possibility of being on television and getting rich. She bounced with delight when she learned she’d been selected to play, and when she learned that her first target was her manager at her public service job she quickly quelled the flutter of disquiet she felt.

She won the first round handily. She turned up to work in her most seductive makeup. She stayed at work late. She bent over her boss’ desk and flashed her tits, bent at the waist to pick up paper and flashed her ass, talked about how much she enjoyed the taste of men’s cum, sat in his lap and ground her buttocks into his erect cock, then finally knelt on the ground in front of him, unzipped his pants, extracted his cock, and gave it one quick pump to generate a glistening drop of pre-cum at the tip. The secret cameras installed in his office the night before caught it all, and Nathaly immediately jumped to her feet and declared she was heading home, leaving her stunned manager with his cock out and his balls blue.

It occurred to Nathaly as she taxied to the studio that what she had done might have future consequences for her employment and her relationship with her manager, but she pushed those thoughts aside and focused on the prize money she had just won.

At the studio, they offered Nathaly double or nothing, and she agreed, feeling like she was on a roll. She went pale when they told her the target – her own father – but she soon recovered. If anything, it was a blessing, because there was no way her daddy would fuck her no matter *how* much she teased him.

She invited her father over for dinner, and met him at the door wearing the slutty see-through dress the studio had given her, with no bra or panties. She fed him dinner while explaining how she couldn’t sleep because of her erotic fantasies of being raped by her father. She used her tongue to lick the last sauce from her plate, then crawled on all fours across the ground to her father’s feet, unzipped his pants, and took out his erect cock, already dripping with pre-cum.

As soon as the cameras had it, she bounced to her feet and told her father to go home. Disoriented, horny and confused, he resisted, so she had to pull him to his feet and lead him to the door. Once he was out, she locked it behind him, waited for him to leave, then drove to the studio to register her victory.

Again the thought occurred to her that maybe her relationship with her father might be difficult, now that he thought she fantasised about being raped by him, and now that he had seen her tits and cunt through see-through slutwear and felt her touch his dick. But again, she pressed it down, and focused on the fame and money.

The studio offered her a third and final double-or-nothing, and she took it. The target was Daniel, a male friend she had known since preschool. She spun the Cocktease Wheel, and it indicated that she needed to masturbate Daniel for a full two minutes after seeing his pre-cum, and that she needed to spread her bare pussy for him and invite him to comment on it.

Nathaly was blushing at this stage, but the promise of money drew her on. Daniel would never rape her – they’d been friends since they were children. She adjusted her see-through dress and decided to go out and visit him immediately.

Daniel was pleased to see her, and immediately fixated on the sight of her tits and cunt through her sheer dress. She led him to his bedroom, and explained how wet she got when she thought of Daniel violently fucking her and not taking no for an answer. She raised her dress and bent at the waist to show him her bare pussy, and asked him to comment on it. (He said it looked “slutty and inviting”.)

Then she took his cock out of his pants, sat opposite him, and used her feet to give him a slow footjob, while looking into his eyes and telling him how good it would feel to have him cum inside her. (That last one wasn’t a requirement, but she was a little bit wet herself, now, and in any case felt unstoppable and willing to take an extra level of risk as a kind of victory lap.)

Daniel was groaning with sexual need when the two minutes expired, but Nathaly pulled her feet away and jumped to a standing position. 

“Where are you going?” asked Daniel.

“Home,” said Nathaly.

Daniel got to his feet. He reached out and grabbed her dress, just above her left boob. “No, you’re not,” he growled. “I’m not done.”

She laughed nervously and tried to pull away. “Daniel,” she said, “I know you’re horny, but I’m not interested in doing anything else. No means no, okay?”

“Does it?” he asked. “Not in your fantasies, you said. Let’s make them come true.” He pulled sharply on her dress, and it ripped, leaving Nathaly nude.

Nathaly squealed and tried to run, but Daniel grabbed her hair, and dragged her bodily back to the bed. He pushed her down on the mattress, tits down, ass up. She tried to scream, but he put a hand over her mouth, and a moment later she felt his cock sink into her wet, naked, pussy.

It didn’t matter that Nathaly orgasmed twice before Daniel finally ejaculated inside her. Nor did it matter that she moaned involuntarily with pleasure when he kept her there all night, handcuffing her to his bed and spilling no less than six more loads into her mouth and anus, on her face, hair and tits, before returning to her pussy. It didn’t even matter that she came more times than he did, sometimes while crying with shame and humiliation. In the morning, she told him that she couldn’t go to the police, because it had all been part of a television show, and at that point he let her go.

The series didn’t air for another four months, during which time Nathaly suffered an awkward relationship with her boss, father, and Daniel. When it did air, everyone that knew Nathaly saw what a cockteasing slut she’d been, and all for no ultimate reward. Daniel was hailed as a hero for stopping her parade of cynical manipulation of men. 

It also came to light that Nathaly’s contract indemnifying her targets from rape claims was a perpetual one – her consent to being raped did not expire with the end of her filming of the show – and once they realised that, her boss and her father took the chance to take what Nathaly had pretended to offer months ago. Her boss began raping her nightly, after work, whereas her father surprised her while visiting her on her birthday by ripping off her clothes, grabbing her hair, and forcing her head down on his cock, before eventually flipping her over and raping her pussy. Daniel, too, began visiting her regularly for “repeat business”, raping her until he came, and slapping her face and tits if she resisted.

Her previous employment came to an end soon after as she focused on her new obligations as a porn actress. The studio bought her some new fake tits, and cast her in films such as “Tortured Sluts Drink Cum” and “Pain Whores Go Lez-Wild”. By the time the contract ended, Nathaly’s dreams of fame and fortune had been replaced by a deep knowledge that being raped was all she was good for.

The series had some societal effects, too. Every girl who saw it couldn’t help but think that she could do better, that she could cocktease three guys without being raped and win the cash prize. Almost all of them were wrong, but there was no shortage of applications to play.

In addition, following the airing of the first season, rape statistics went through the roof. Every man was now convinced that the pretty girl they knew was a Teasers contestant, that they were legally indemnified if they raped her, and a great number of them acted on that belief…


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