Maddy wasn’t sure about Malena’s house rules. Keeping her cunt bare while visiting her friend seemed kind of… slutty. 

But her mind changed as soon as Malena’s two male housemates came out to greet her. Their eyes were locked on Maddy’s cunt, not her face. Maddy had the immediate and overpowering sensation of being not a person, but a life-support system for the cockwarmer between her legs, and it felt… liberating. 

She immediately knew she didn’t have to try and make conversation, which always stressed her out with strangers. She just let the men speak, and nodded and giggled. She tried parting her legs a little, and the look of satisfaction on the men’s face encouraged her to spread her cunt even further open. Being an object was so much easier than being a person, and she so easily got the attention and approval from men that she had always had to work so hard for before. 

When the men stood, and took out their cocks, Maddy was a little nervous, but Malena kissed her on the lips, which helped, and then the men just picked her up, firmly and with no room for dissent, bent her over the edge of the couch, and one of them pushed his cock into her fuckhole while the other did the same for Malena. She was overcome with the knowledge that she had no choice about what was happening to her, no say in how her cunt was used and abused… and it felt wonderful.

When it was all over, and Malena was happily licking her pussy clean as the men wiped their cocks on her face, Maddy knew that she wanted nothing but this in her life, and resolved that “bare cunts” would be the rule in her house now too…


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