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Phillip was in charge of the summer youth program for the local Catholic Church, and one of his most popular activities was the Girls’ Beach Day.

Once each summer, he would pack 16 of the community’s most devout young women into a bus, and drive them down to a very special little beach cove he knew about.

The rule was that every girl who came *must* get into the water immediately upon arrival. Which was a very important rule, because this particular beach had a secret, known only to Phillip.

He had discovered it as a student, studying the local environment. A unique species of seaweed grew in the cove, and this seaweed released a constant drug into the nearby seawater. It was effectively a date-rape drug. Girls swimming in the water very quickly became overwhelmingly sexually aroused, they lost their inhibitions, and they formed memories poorly, leaving them foggy after the fact as to what they had done and why they had done it.

Phillip never got tired of watching the 16 girls wade out into the water, mostly in quite conservative swimsuits, laughing and splashing… and then within half an hour start kissing and groping each other, ripping off their swimsuits, pressing their naked tits against other girls, humping their exposed pussies against girls’ knees, and then finally crawling out of the water to desperately lick each other’s cunts on the blankets he had laid out for them.

Phillip would film the whole thing, being sure each girl was clearly identifiable, catching them all in the throes of their forbidden lust. Once he had enough footage, he would go down into the writhing pile of bodies and fuck the two or three most attractive of them, as the delirious girls moaned and bucked eagerly against him.

The girls would go home exhausted and confused – and then over the coming weeks, Phillip would interview each of them individually, and show them the footage. They would be horrified at their sinful, slutty forbidden lesbian activity, and plead with him not to make the footage public. He would agree – providing that they continued their new sexual relationships with the other girls (on camera, of course) and providing that they agreed to be pleasing little fuckslaves for him…


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