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After the laws had changed, making lesbian interaction illegal unless a man was receiving sexual pleasure from it, it became hard for girls who loved girls to meet each other.

“Lesbian Speed Dating” was the solution. Girls would turn up to a community, and be given a grouping – “Tits” or “Cunt”.

In the centre of the hall would be a group of men, with their cocks exposed. The girls would pair up, one “Tits” and one “Cunt” to each man, and they would cooperatively begin to service the man’s cock.

There was nothing wrong with two girls kissing if their lips were meeting around a man’s erect cock, and so the girls would passionately allow their tongues to meet as the licked the man’s glans and tasted his pre-cum, eagerly moaning their slutty lust as they simultaneously sucked at the erect cock they were pleasuring.

Every 90 seconds, the facilitator would call “Tits”, and the Tits would rotate clockwise to a new partner. 90 seconds later, the facilitator would call “Cunts”, and the Cunts would rotate anticlockwise.

The lucky pairs who made a man cum of course were allowed to have an extended experience, eagerly catching his sperm in their mouths and then stepping away to snowball it eagerly back and forth in a long, slutty spermy kiss, before finally either dribbling it over their tits or swallowing it.

At the end, each girl would make a list of not more than half the girls present who she considered to be “good lesbian sluts”. The men would also make a list.

Two girls who each thought the other was a good lesbian slut would be allowed to begin dating – which of course meant requesting a male chaperone to go on their date, so that their lesbian kisses would entertain someone, and so that if they ended up having sex, they would do it while a man raped one or both of their pussies.

And of course, the girls that didn’t get a sufficient number of endorsements as a “good lesbian slut” – or who didn’t receive *any* from a man – would be kept back after the session ended, for “correction”…


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