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Some parents give their children a head start in life by sending them to music lessons, or tuition in subjects, or talented sports programs.

Kiera’s father had given her a more realistic supplementary education. Every Saturday for ten years she had received a conditioning session designed to leave her completely psychologically incapable of resisting a command to expose her body.  

And every Sunday she had received a conditioning class designed to make her feel ashamed and humiliated every time she did so – because, after all, a blush looks pretty on a girl.

At her 18th birthday party – held at a local community hall, and to which she had been encouraged to invite literally every person she knew – her father made a speech, in which he informed the entire party of her conditioning, and invited her up on stage to demonstrate.

As she stood there, blushing bright red as she exposed her tits to everyone whose opinion she cared about, her father happily declared how proud he was of the head start she had in becoming an appropriate and enjoyable woman.

And, he continued, now she was of legal age, her conditioning would evolve to a second phase, with the aim of making her unable to give any suggestion that she was not consenting to and enjoying any sexual act performed on her…


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