The bonding ritual in her sorority made good use of the hypnotism that several of the older sisters were expert in. At the start of each semester, all the girls would write a suggestion on a piece of paper and put it in a box. Then each girl would be hypnotised and implanted with a random suggestion drawn from that box, that would last the duration of the semester.

The original ideal was that the girls would write positive thoughts like “Be successful” and “Achieve your goals”, but the sorority girls were bitches. Ginger herself had written, “Every time you masturbate you will tell your male friends about it in detail, including any fantasies you thought about while masturbating.” In return, she was implanted with, “When your tits are in public view, you will be unable to cover them, think complicated thoughts, or refuse any command or suggestion.”

Once Ginger’s new programming became public knowledge, it became traditional to violently yank her top down at the start of any party, event or (eventually) lecture, and watch Ginger’s new, more likeable, persona emerge. They even gave it a name – Slutkitten.

Slutkitten was, of course, much more popular than Ginger. Once Ginger realised how little people wanted the version of her that covered her tits and could say no, and how much they really just preferred Slutkitten, she went to the elder sisters in tears and asked to be hypnotised into being Slutkitten permanently…


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