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English Essay by Kylie Montesso

St Mary’s School for Girls

15 July 2035

Class: Intro to Women’s Literature

Topic: Watch the film “Lucy Gets Gang-Raped” and comment on (a) the themes, (b) the treatment of women, and (c) the cultural significance of the film.


There are few films today that are as significant for women as “Lucy Gets Gang-Raped”. 

Filmed in 2026 by director Hans Reuben, the movie depicts the violent gang-rape and impregnation of 21-year-old fashion model Lucy Winslow. Lucy did not consent to the rape, and nor was she paid for her participation in the film. The crew abducted her from her house in the early hours of a December morning, and kept her captive for thirteen days, during which they ejaculated into or on her nearly 83 times. 

After she was released, Lucy made a complaint to police, but in a landmark court case, the Supreme Court rejected all charges against Reuben and his crew, and treated the rape video as a form of protected free speech, on the grounds of the “public interest in the artistic and entertainment value of the film”.

Referred to as the “artistic rape defence”, this decision paved the way for the legal abduction and rape of women for the purpose of creating pornographic media. Today 95 per cent of pornographic media features non-consenting women, and nearly a quarter of women over the age of 18 have non-consensually appeared in a publicly-available pornographic film. Particularly pretty girls can be expected to be raped on film on a regular basis. Today’s most-watched porn star, Ella Quinn, has appeared in nearly 200 films in the four years since she turned 18, none of them consensual.

“Lucy Gets Gang-Raped” is now considered a classic of women’s literature, for the important messages it conveys about the role of women and their relationship with men.

As a pornographic film, “Lucy Gets Gang-Raped” is intended for an aroused audience, so in order to properly appreciate the film, I masturbated throughout my viewing of the movie.

In the film, Lucy is a blonde woman with C-cup tits and a shaved pussy. As she is the only woman in the film, she is clearly intended to be representative of all women. Throughout the film, she is depicted as powerless, stupid, and only good for raping, symbolising the powerlessness, stupidity, and rapeability of women everywhere.

Lucy cries frequently throughout the course of the movie, but the director makes it clear that her misery is her own fault, and stems from her stupidity and inability to accept her role as a fucktoy. When her captors first tell Lucy to strip naked for them, she repeatedly refuses, and they have to slap her across the face several times, before ripping her clothes off. This is the first time she cries, and it is clear that if she had just done as she was told, she could have even enjoyed undressing for the men.

The director shows Lucy’s tears in close-up. The erotic way this is framed makes it clear that this is intended to arouse the audience. In order to experience the film as it was intended, in my viewing I looped this sequence of the film several times as I continued to masturbate. At first it felt strange and uncomfortable to be trying to masturbate while looking at the face of a crying, unhappy woman, but as I continued to masturbate, I began to enjoy it. There is a particular point where she gasps – half choke, half sob – that became more erotic to me on each loop, and finally it was this sound that gave me my first orgasm of my viewing experience – which was also the first time I had orgasmed while watching a woman get raped. 

Once I had cum, I let the film continue, as I masturbated towards my second orgasm.

Once Lucy is naked, the camera pans slowly down over her nude body, documenting her tits and pussy. One of the men forces her legs apart and spreads her pussy lips, to give the camera a good view of her fuckhole. 

From this point on, Lucy’s face only appears on the film if it is being slapped or has a cock stuffed into it, reinforcing the only purpose of a woman’s mouth. 

The men then tie Lucy down and place a vibrator against her pussy. One of the men begins whipping her breasts with a leather belt, and tells her she will be whipped every 10 seconds until her pussy becomes lubricated – and that if she isn’t wet in 20 minutes, they won’t ever let her go home again. Lucy screams and writhes as her breasts are struck again and again with the belt – but after only seven minutes, one of the men reports that Lucy’s cunt is dripping wet. 

We, the audience, will never know what Lucy had to think of in order to become aroused in these circumstances. It’s left to the viewer’s imagination – and each viewer is free to insert their own erotic ideas.

The men then unbind Lucy, and begin to gang-rape her. One stuffs his cock into her pussy, another plugs her mouth with his dick. For the duration of her ordeal, they rarely use external restraints, preferring to make her understand that their strength alone is enough to make her completely unable to protect herself or control her body. When one man cums inside her, they generally change positions by forcefully throwing her onto a bed or couch, or pulling her back to her feet by a grip on her neck or hair. After each ejaculation inside her, they make her say, “Thank you” – slapping her face, if necessary to prompt a response, although after the third time, she begins to say it automatically, without prompting.

She remains aroused throughout all of her rapes. If a man using her cunt discovers she is less than fully lubricated, her rapists stop, and resume whipping her tits until she is wet again. It only takes a few such sessions for Lucy to learn to stay wet constantly. Again, we will never know what is going through her mind in order to keep her aroused for her own rape. 

Finally, the arousal and stimulation is too much for Lucy, and she visibly orgasms against her rapist’s cock, making a distressed, slutty moan around the dick of another abuser that is stuffed into her mouth. The men break out into laughter at her whorish involuntary orgasm, and call her a slut – and at this point the most iconic aspect of the film begins: Lucy’s voiceover.

The voiceover was recorded somewhere near the end of the filming, when Lucy was broken and compliant. Her voice plays over her continuing rape.

“Women enjoy rape,” Lucy says, speaking in a calm, sexy voice. “Women’s bodies long to be violently fucked. It’s easy for a woman to get wet for rape, just like I did, and any woman who doesn’t just isn’t trying hard enough. I was born to be a sex object, and the moment I was first violated was the happiest moment of my life.”

The film shows Lucy’s crying face being slapped three times, before another cock is pushed into her mouth.

“When I was raped, I learned that women think with their cunts, because my brain was telling me I needed to escape, but my cunt just kept getting wetter, and cumming again and again,” said Lucy. “It was desperate to please the wonderful men who were showing me my true purpose. It gave their cocks all the affection it could, and they gave my pussy their sperm in return.”

Lucy continues speaking, describing how she is nothing but a rape-puppet, until eventually the men tire of her. They put her into a dog cage, covered in sperm, and retire to bed.

During the night, Lucy manages to escape from the dog cage. Hidden security cameras around the location of her abduction show her sneaking out of the building during the night, fleeing into a nearby alley, and travelling nearly a block, naked, in the streets outside, before encountering a police officer.

A more intimate camera now documents her clinging to the police officer, pressing her nude tits against him, and babbling about how she had been abducted and raped. The police officer smiles, and nods, and holds her – and then pushes her against the wall and handcuffs her. He then leads her in handcuffs back to her rapists, and it becomes clear he was on the payroll of the film.

The message to women is clear – there is no point in seeking help to escape abuse, because abuse is your proper role in life, and any right-thinking person will refuse to help you avoid it.

The men wake up and resume raping Lucy, and the police officer joins in.

The film eventually ends with Lucy nude, dripping with cum, sitting in a chair, as she goes through her friends list on social media. For each name she finds on her profile, she reads it out. If it’s a man, she invites them to rape her. If it’s a woman, she says they deserve to be raped, and offers a secret about them, if she knows one.

“Tim Scanlon,” she reads. “I want you to fuck my mouth while I cry. David Wessler. I want you to rape my ass without my consent. Sarah Jordan. Someone should rape her pussy. She’s ashamed of her unusually long clitoris. Candice Milham. Someone should slap her and rape her while she cries. She’s cheating on her husband with one of her son’s school-friends.”

The screen fades to black as Lucy continues reading names and invitations to rape.

Despite a promising career as a fashion model, Lucy Winslow is better known today for her gang-rape in this film than for any of the paid, consensual fashion shoots she took part in. And it is unarguable that her on-screen rape has brought more joy and entertainment to men (and women) than anything she has done in the rest of her life. It was this aspect that led the judge in her criminal trial to throw out the prosecution – if Lucy had been left to decide her own fate, she would have denied hundreds of thousands of people the enjoyment and pleasure of watching her be raped. It was in the interests of the community to allow her to be treated in this manner – and, after all, if she had just cooperated, she needn’t have been mistreated at all.

The film teaches all women that their decisions about their own lives are irrelevant, and probably wrong. It is men who are best equipped to judge how women can be entertaining and pleasurable, and the preferences of any women are meaningless in comparison to the sexual entertainment their violation can provide.

Last month my best friend Tiana was abducted and forced to star in a non-consensual porn film called “Schoolgirl Cum-Slut”. After she was released, she begged me not to watch the film, which she is desperately ashamed of. However, since masturbating to “Lucy Gets Gang-Raped”, I find myself imagining what Tiana would look like nude, crying, with a cock in her mouth, and finding myself getting uncontrollably horny at the thought.

I think I am going to watch my friend’s rape video. I think I am going to enjoy it. I think I am going to masturbate while I watch it, and orgasm again and again.

If you – my English teacher – think it would assist my education for you to join me while I watch it, just give me an A on this essay, and tell me to stay after class so we can arrange a time to enjoy it…


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  1. omggg luv this one!!

    “Throughout the film, she is depicted as powerless, stupid, and only good for raping, symbolising the powerlessness, stupidity, and repeatability of women everywhere.”

    probably autocorrect, buuut i kinda love the idea of repeat victims’ hotness being referred to as “repeatability” yknow? new slang an all

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