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When the government decided that providing women with an education was no longer in the public interest, it withdrew all school funding for teaching girls. Not a cent of public money was directed towards the education of women.

However, a last minute compromise was agreed, to provide a series of legal exemptions for schools to allow them to raise their own funds to teach young women. The exemptions only applied to girls over the age of 18, and were mostly taken up by secondary schools, colleges and universities.

The first was a privacy exemption. Schools were given a general right to breach the privacy of female students for the purpose of fundraising. Cameras were installed in women’s toilets and locker rooms, and girls were notified that taking steps to conceal themselves from those cameras was grounds for discipline or expulsion. Interested men (and women) could buy pay-per-view access to the cameras online. In addition, once a term girls were called up for a medical examination, where they were stripped naked and photographed in humiliating detail – and of course, these photos could also be purchased.

The second was the ability to monetise the curriculum. Rich patrons who could afford to pay exorbitant sums could add (or remove) subjects from the teaching program. At one school, a coalition of fathers came together to add “cocksucking” and “striptease” to the girls’ lessons, along with “pleasing your father”.

At another school, a rich student got his father to punish a girl who had refused to date him by adding “Why Selina is a whore who deserves to be raped” to the History course. There were three classes of debate that Selina had to sit through, followed by a test – and Selina herself was forced to take detention for failing to correctly explain why she deserved to be raped, and re-take the test until she passed.

The third exemption was “rape dispensations”. Schools were allowed to sell a legal exemption for a person to have non-consensual sex with one of their students. When the student reported to the school office that she had been raped, the dispensation was recorded as having been used up – although the customer could always buy another.

This last item was by far the biggest money-earner for schools – and most schools immediately added a new assessment for their female student – “Sales”. Girls who didn’t attract a certain number of rape dispensations each term would receive lower marks, or fail out entirely. 

Despite these humiliations, girls desperately wanted to stay in school – because, if anything, the employment rate for female graduates went up under these conditions.

Of course, the reason that companies were eager to hire these graduates is because they could be sure that the girls had learned how to be fun to rape, how to please men who were humiliating and abusing them, and often a range of other skills useful to women in the modern workplace, such as cocksucking and stripping…


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