Katie didn’t even own regular clothes anymore, just Slut Wrap™. The transparent cloth had won her over with its advertising campaign, just like most girls her age. The ads didn’t even bother with logic – they were thirty second blocks of hypnotic noise and colour pitched at a set of frequencies and shades that only registered on women. They contained one simple message: “Slut Wrap – it doesn’t cover your shame, but it’s the only clothes you need.”

Millions of girls, after their third or fourth exposure to the ad, went to their local Slut Wrap store, entered the changerooms, and came out with the diaphanous fabric artfully arranged so as to not at all cover their otherwise nude tits and cunt. 

The blushes on their faces showed that they were aware of their nudity, and yet they couldn’t think through the process of fixing it. They were wearing clothes, after all – the only clothes they needed. No matter how they fiddled with the wrap, they didn’t seem to be able to bring themselves to cover their fuckholes and udders. Eventually they would pay, and blushingly head home with their body on full display, and once at home they would throw out all their old clothes – after all, Slut Wrap was all they needed.

The financial success of Slut Wrap enabled the company to finish development of its next product – an artificial protein gel, largely made out of synthetically produced human semen, which could replace all the dietary needs of a woman while promoting arousal, breast growth and obedience. “Slut Milk,” said the new ads. “It tastes like humiliation, and you need to eat it on all fours from a dog bowl every day…”


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