Lauren was a committed lesbian, but her girlfriend Tanya would fuck almost everything that moved, and cheated on Lauren regularly.

Tanya’s latest lover, Michael, was surprised when Tanya invited him to her home. “What about Lauren?” he asked. Tanya giggled. “You’ll see.”

Upon arrival, Michael was shocked to find Lauren seated naked on the couch, her legs spread to show her cunt, and a forced smile on her face.

“I have her hypnotised,” said Tanya, laughing. “I just give her the trigger before I bring someone round, and she goes blank, strips and sits there. She gets to watch while we fuck, fuming with jealousy and embarrassment but unable to cover herself or stop smiling. You can use her, too, while she’s like that, if you want to use her mouth to start you off or finish up by cumming inside her. And then at the end, once you’re gone, I snap her out of it, and she internalises it all and thinks it was something *she* did. She ends up crying with guilt and begging me to forgive her, which I usually only do after punishing her. Sometimes I invite the guy back and get her to fuck him willingly while I watch, as her “apology”. It’s wonderful.”

As it turned out, Michael came inside Tanya once that day, and Lauren twice, and then got invited back in the evening for Lauren’s apology, where she begged him to spank her and then fuck her…


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