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International sex slave trafficking was a huge problem. Women demanded government do something about it. A citizen-led referendum was passed, creating a binding mandate on government to enact legislation to combat trafficking of sex slaves.

The government’s answer was FemTag – a tiny subdermal RFID chip, to be implanted in every woman over 18, that could be scanned to access her legal ID, her police records, and her medical records.

Women were not immediately happy. Their opposition to the very notion of being tagged was ignored – the referendum required action – but the government did listen to their worries that the chips would be scanned without proper authority, by random passers-by.

So rather than have the chip in a woman’s wrist, as was originally suggested, the final legislation specified that it would be implanted deep within her vagina. It would only be able to be read by inserting a special reader deep into a woman’s cunt.

Women were horrified, but the law was the law. Now when women attended a doctor’s office, the first step was for the woman to bare her cunt and let the doctor push a long plastic device up into her pussy to read her chip. The process would need to be repeated at the end of the consultation to update the chip, so most doctors just advised the woman to leave her pants off and her pussy spread for the duration.

Police checks routinely required police officers to penetrate a woman’s cunt with their special nightsticks, to check her ID. Compassionate clauses added to the legislation at the last minute gave women the right to have five minutes to masturbate prior to penetration, so as to be lubricated. If they failed to get wet within the five minutes, the officers carried lubricant as standard issue – but they had no obligation to use it.

In the interests of uncovering sex trafficking rings, the police routinely raided anywhere that women gathered – malls, private girls’ colleges, bars, feminist organisations – and conducted checks of every woman they caught. Most women got used to having their cunt-chips checked at least twice a week. Those who took advantage of their right to masturbate before penetration found that over time the mere sight of a police officer advancing on them sternly would make them sopping wet.

In time, the FemTag program became more advanced. The chips could monitor a woman’s fertility, arousal, and vaginal sexual activity. Concerned parents could buy their own reader-sticks, and many did. Chastity-obsessed parents would often drive their reader-sticks into their daughter’s cunt three or four times a day to check whether she had masturbated, whether she had been fucked, whether she had had slutty thoughts that made her wet. 

Younger girls, who had turned 18 after FemTag was implemented, often didn’t bother wearing clothes below the waist when it was warm – it was too much of a hassle to take them off every time they needed to be scanned.

Police, too, evolved their methods. First, the special reader-nightsticks were replaced with a new model, that could also discharge an electrical shock when a trigger was pulled. It was designed to pacify “uncooperative” women – and so women took extra care to be cooperative, which was generally understood to involve baring your tits as well as your pussy when stopped for a check, and humping the nightstick once it was inserted, until either the officer withdrew it or you orgasmed. Crueller officers delighted in discharging their devices into girls’ pussies even when they cooperated. Some girls grew to like it.

Later, they developed a tiny reader chip that could be implanted into the foreskin of an officer’s cock. A police officer could simply stick his cock directly into the girl’s pussy, and have her data transmitted to his handheld device.

In the end, no one was really sure if any of this had actually reduced the amount of sex trafficking that was occurring – but in any case, a few years later, the government made female slavery legal, and at that point having the entire female population helpfully pre-tagged had definitely, in retrospect, been a useful process…


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