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The cheerleading coach made the whole team attend a “team spirit” presentation once a week, where they sat in a darkened cinema and watched a motivational film. The girls could never remember exactly what happened in the film, but week by week they came to feel closer and closer to each other. In fact, they started dreaming about each other, and waking up with their pussies wet and thoughts of naked cheerleaders filling their brains. Within a month, every girl on the squad had reached orgasm while thinking of at least one of their female friends, and shortly thereafter it became common to see pairs of cheerleaders passionately kissing in the hope of getting the attention of the coach or any other nearby male. 

The changerooms became erotically charged, with naked girls washing each other’s bodies, kissing, caressing each other’s tits, and, eventually, 69ing on the floor, oblivious to who was around. No one seemed to mind or notice that the coach would enter the change room and watch them, and no one objected when boys from the male sporting teams were allowed in to watch as well. Lezzing off in front of men just seemed to make the girls even hotter. 

When the girls discovered pictures of themselves, naked and licking each other’s cunts, on the internet, it should have made them upset, but instead it just made them happy to be popular, and nor did they object when the coach started scheduling special naked training sessions for them in front of the school’s wealthier donors.  

By the end of the year, most of the prettier girls had been sold off in pairs to wealthy men, happily signing away their freedom for the chance to be happy little sex pets in the company of their friends-slash-lovers. The remainder were eternally grateful to their coach for the work placements he arranged for them with strip clubs and brothels, happy that an appropriate future awaited them…


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