Under the new laws, they taught lesbianism to girls in school – sort of. Although, the way the teaching happened, the resulting activity didn’t arise out of any personal romantic desire. Rather, a conflicting mess of insecurities played in the girls’ minds. 

They felt worthless when they were not being used by a boy or providing entertainment for boys. They felt a deep-seated need to objectify and humiliate other girls. They were made ashamed of their bodies and their own sexual activity, and taught that lesbianism was the most shameful thing of all. And they were conditioned to deal with shame and insecurity and humiliation by retreating into the comforting endorphins of sexual arousal. 

The mixture left women unable to resist desperately making out with other girls, whether strangers or friends, in public so as to be a sort of visual, sexual decoration. They would paw at each other, exposing each other’s tits and pussies to public gaze, striving to make their mutual pornographic interaction as humiliating to each other as possible and as entertaining to men as they could. They would kiss tongue-to-tongue but not lip to lip, grind their thighs into each other’s pantied crotch, getting wetter and wetter as their humiliation grew until they were moaning their frustration into each other’s mouths. 

Sometimes they would be pulled from each other by men for a public raping. More often they would end up 69-ing on the ground, lapping each other’s cunts but forever frustrated by the final element of their conditioning – their complete inability to reach orgasm without the permission of a man…


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