The university, plagued by allegations of sexual assault on campus, took a fairly unique approach to addressing the complaints.

The university emphasised five pillars to its approach: consent, safety, comfort, documentation, and reporting.

It accomplished this largely by requiring each woman on campus to undergo a mandatory hypnotherapy course at the beginning of the semester.

In terms of “consent”, the hypnotherapy compelled women who felt they wanted to be fucked or deserved to be raped to bare their cunt for the duration of that feeling. They would be blissfully unaware they had done this, and would walk around happily bare-cunted in public, advertising their need to be fucked without even knowing it. So it would be absolutely clear to men which women it was okay to rape. The girls would be likewise unaware of this behaviour in other girls, and would tune out and forget if people tried to explain to them that either themselves or other girls were semi-naked in public.

The “safety” pillar of the hypnotherapy prevented women from making more than a token struggle during a rape, or attempting to flee the scene. This ensure their safety and that of their rapist, by preventing them from hurting their assailant, and ensuring their assailant didn’t hurt them any more than he deemed enjoyable.

The “comfort” pillar caused the student women to become aroused during rape, and to orgasm when their attacker did. This prevented the chafing and damage associated with fucking an unaroused woman, and gave them some enjoyment out of the experience.

“Documentation” is an important part of the feedback loop in creating good policy, and the university accomplished this without hypnotherapy, instead giving male students course credit for submitting photos and videos of girls they had raped. The university added these to the girls’ personal files and shared them around the faculty.

The final pillar, “reporting”, caused girls who had been raped to promptly tell as many friends and family as they could about their sexual assault, explaining it as something they had asked for, enjoyed, and orgasmed from. As they told this story, they would begin to believe it. As a result many came to believe they were turned on by rape, and actively sought it out in future.

From the university’s perspective, it was a wonderful result. Complaints dropped, morale among faculty and male students increased dramatically, and enrolments from men wanting to experience the sexually-available women skyrocketed.

And finally, as an added bonus, the university would sit down with each woman upon her graduation, show her the video and photo of her, by that stage, many rapes, and ask her whether she would like the images released to the internet, or whether she would rather do an “honours year” working for free in one of the university’s many prestigious extreme-fetish brothels…


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