She had downloaded the app to her phone to advance her career. It used sound and images to put you “into a highly suggestible state”. The idea was you used it to alter your mental state, and then focused on inspirational statements you had prepared earlier, that would motivate you to confidence and success.

Hayley used the app as instructed, and was about to turn to her pre-prepared cards about hard work and thinking outside the box, when her online dating app got her attention. There was a message from a man she had briefly chatted to. She had laughingly brushed him off when she first encountered his profile, making fun of his cock size and profile blurb, but she had forgotten to block him afterwards.

Now he had sent her, “Listen to me, bitch.” 

She felt dizzy. It seemed like something she should do. She waited for further messages.

“You should take my advice seriously, and do what I tell you.”

She nodded, dumbly, looking at her phone. She would.

“I see your cockteasing little profile pic, all cleavage and no nipple. If you want people to be interested in your tits, you should show them off. Let everyone see those fuckbags of yours.”

It was such good advice. She pulled off her top and took a couple of photos of herself topless while waiting for more messages. They would make good profile pics for her on Tinder… and Facebook…

“All you are good for is being a cumcatcher anyway, you bitch. If you don’t have cum drying on those fuckmelons there’s no point in you.”

She immediately gasped as she realised the truth of this. She was so worthless. She needed to get cum on her tits as soon as possible. She whimpered with need, waiting only to listen to whatever else this man had to say to her.

“A slut like you shouldn’t ever say no to a man on a dating app. If you’re going to wave those tits of yours around you should be satisfying whatever needs you generate in the men who see them.”

It was so true. She would never say no again.

“Have a nice life, bitch.”  

And then he blocked her.

She *would* have a nice life, she thought to herself obediently. Already her new bare-titted pictures on social media were attracting inquiries from men. She supposed she didn’t need to get motivated for her job now, because it was going to be a full-time career fucking all these men and getting them to cum on her tits. She began to reply to the messages. She hoped someone would be available to come around and use her immediately…


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