She was housekeeper to a psychologist, but her performance had been less than impressive. Rather than be left jobless on the street, she agreed to a session of “performance improvement” hypnotherapy.

She knew immediately afterwards what had been done to her but was helpless to resist it. She knew on arrival at her job on Monday she would strip nude, and at the end of the day she would only be able to dress again before going home if her employer was pleased with her. If he was not, she would go home nude, feed herself dinner from a dog bowl on the floor, and sleep naked in her front yard, chained to her front gate by a collar and leash, with a vibrator running in her pussy.

It only took one night of her employer’s displeasure, and her humiliating resulting self-discipline, for her to get very serious about pleasing him. And she soon found that an enthusiastic blowjob and a wet and willing cunt were much more pleasing to him than her getting the bedsheets exactly right…


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