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The people of the isolated Goss Creek were devoutly religious, and they placed absolute trust in their priest, Father Lucas. After all, Father Lucas was an educated man, who not only knew his Bible, but also knew his science.

In fact, Father Lucas was something of an amateur chemist, and was given to experimenting with various drugs and concoctions in the basement of the church. When he hit upon a chemical that reacted uniquely to oestrogen, he realised he had discovered something truly special.

His first test of it was on Caitlyn, the pretty blonde teenager who volunteered to clean the church on Wednesdays each week. He put a little of the drug in a glass of water that he handed to her when she arrived to start her shift, and the results were dramatic. Within an hour, she was flushed and confused. Her nipples were rock hard beneath her innocent white shirt, and she smelled overpoweringly of sex. He waited until she vanished guiltily into the toilets, and then burst in on her five minutes later to find her completely nude in the toilet stall, masturbating wantonly. The shame on her face at being discovered in such a state by the town priest was delightful, and when he proposed that her punishment for such sin should be twenty kisses of his leather belt on her private parts, followed by her “satisfying the temptation she had wrought in him” with her mouth, she eagerly agreed. She orgasmed twice as he whipped her wet, spread cunt with his belt, and then he ejaculated quickly into her mouth as she blushingly sucked his cock.

To his surprise, though, the effects persisted. The drug remained in her system for nearly a week. Caitlyn’s mother came to Father Lucas and complained that she had caught Caitlyn masturbating naked in the back yard; that Caitlyn had tried to seduce her own father into sex, and that they had eventually caught Caitlyn fucking two of the neighbour boys at once in the local park. Caitlyn couldn’t explain why she was behaving this way.

Father Lucas just smiled, and offered Caitlyn’s mother a sympathetic glass of wine, laced with the same drug. Once it took hold, he gave her the same treatment he had given her daughter – this time fucking her pussy instead of her mouth – and sent her home.

His next visit was from Caitlyn’s father. He reported that he had found his wife and daughter having lesbian sex in his marital bed; that his daughter had seduced him into fucking her pussy daily, while his wife just watched and masturbated; and that both women thought of little now other than sexually pleasing him and receiving orgasms.

He wasn’t complaining, as such – he was just worried for their souls.

Father Lucas promised him he’d see what he could do.

After that, Father Lucas mixed his drug into the communion wine for the next Sunday service. It only reacted with high oestrogen levels in women. It made men a little hornier, but not much. It turned women into confused sluts, affecting them for days on end.

That week saw an epidemic of whorishness. The women of Goss Creek lost control of themselves. They masturbated wantonly. They penetrated their pussies with household objects. They fucked their friends, their sons, their brothers, their fathers, their daughters, their sisters. They begged for orgasms. And none of the women knew why they were doing it.

It was clear there was something wrong in Goss Creek – and the community turned to Father Lucas for answers.

“The devil has had his way with the women of this town,” Father Lucas declared in his sermon. “He has violated the holes God gave them for breeding with his evil red member, and turned them into harlots and jezebels. Only with great faith and great discipline will we drive them out. Men of Goss Creek, we must take these degraded creatures in hand, and be firm with them, and take exceptional steps to control their devil-driven appetites.”

The women, mortified beyond belief by their behaviour, and the drug now having worn off, did not object, and so Goss Creek agreed to Father Lucas’ plan.

The first step was a network of cameras around the town, most especially in the places women considered private – their bedrooms, bathrooms, and toilets. Father Lucas had full surveillance of the lives of women in the town. 

Women were encouraged to attend confessional at the church twice a week. When they did, Father Lucas had them strip nude. He would use small clamps to attach chains to their nipples and clitoris – “the source of their whorish thoughts” – and then have them describe their sexual thoughts and sins to him in detail.

“I masturbated last night,” said pretty dark-haired Alicia, as she sat nude and blushing before the priest.

“God demands detail, child,” said Father Lucas. “You mean to say, ‘I dug my fingers into my wet whore’s nest and finger-raped myself to orgasm as I lay in bed.’”

Alicia blushed. “Yes,” she said. “And during the time when all the women were going crazy, I… I crept into my brother’s bedroom naked – er, with my big jezebel-udders and my shameful breeding-hole uncovered – and I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue, while he slept…”

“Because you were thinking with your cunt, as all women do,” added Father Lucas.

“… because I was thinking with my cunt, as all women do, and then when he woke up he was so surprised that he ejaculated in my mouth, and I swallowed it like a common whore, and then I climbed on top of him and let him lick my filthy rapehole until he was hard again, and then I made my own brother fuck me like the degraded rapetoy that I am until he filled my womb with the seed of incest, and I orgasmed myself against my brother’s cock.”

At every admission of slutty behaviour or thoughts, Father Lucas would tug on the chains, pulling painfully on the girl’s nipple and clit, making her gasp with pain and humiliation. At the end, he would prescribe a course of correction – generally a belt-whipping of her pussy or tits – followed by either “satisfying the consequences of her succubus’ behaviour” – in which case he would fuck her mouth, pussy or anus until he ejaculated – or “a corrective bath of the holy juices of God” – in which case he would ejaculate inside her, or on her. He immensely enjoyed ejaculating on the faces and breasts of the prettier members of his flock and making them leave it there, shining wetly on their skin, as they left the church, “to provide protection against the devil, while showing proof of your sin”.

Girls who failed to come to confessional, or were reticent in admitting their behaviour, were punished more thoroughly, of course. Father Lucas could see every time a girl in town touched their own cunt; there was no ability for them to conceal a masturbation or sexual encounter. He would have these girls brought to the church on a Saturday, where he had enlisted the help of a dozen local boys. The group would strip the girls naked, and then torture and rape them until they admitted their sin. 

(Father Lucas noted a couple of the more naturally slutty young women in town seemed to deliberately avoid his confessionals, AND take a visible enjoyment in what was done to them as a result. He offered these women positions in the church as instructors of the “women’s correction” circles the church ran after services.)

At Sunday services, Father Lucas would lead specific prayers for each of the women in his congregation, to share their shame with the community.

“Dear Lord,” he would begin, “please show your mercy to young Dakota Parkes, who spent yesterday afternoon violating her breeding hole with a rolling pin while Googling lesbian porn on the internet. When she is inevitably and deservedly raped, let her learn her lesson that it is only men who have the right to decide when her slut-nest receives pleasure. And please also have in your thoughts Jennifer Weld, who rubs her clitoris whenever she pisses and licks her fingers clean when she is done. And Elise Jenkins, who, while being fucked in the anus by her husband two nights ago, fantasised about being forced to go naked at her work and service all her male co-workers. And our darling red-headed Madison Hamilton, who gets wet at the idea of being slapped by a man, and secretly enjoys it when men call her a bitch.”

Father Lucas had had changes made to the church pews, designating the front four rows the “harlot seats”, where all the women in town were required to sit. Women were encouraged to sit in the seats that best represented the level of sexual sin they were engaging in. All the seats required women to remove their panties, lift their skirts, and spread their legs, so that their bare ass and pussy were touching the wooden pew. The front seats had nothing but short chains with a clamp on the end – the clamp attached to the woman’s clitoris, holding her in place for the sermon.

The second row had the same chain and clamp, but also a thick pair of cunt-and-anus dildos that the girl had to impale herself on. At opportune moments in the sermon, these would vibrate.

The third row had the same dildos, but also a pair of handcuffs that cuffed the girl’s hands behind her back for the sermon, once she had secured her clit to its clamp. In addition to vibrating, the dildos would occasionally deliver electric shocks.

The final row replaced the front dildo with what was essentially a wire toilet brush. It hurt immensely for a girl to force it into her vagina. The rear dildo was thicker, too, and would further expand once inserted. As with the seats in front, her hands were cuffed, her clit was clamped, and two further chains would go under her shirt and connect to her nipples. All the chains on these seats would periodically tug downwards painfully.

Father Lucas had set up cameras in front of each harlot seat, and three large screens would periodically show the feed, so the whole congregation could see the women’s blushing faces and their naked, abused cunts, and so that the women could not avoid confronting and looking at their own shame.

(For the girls who thought themselves innocent enough to sit in the front two rows, Father Lucas would mix a dose of his drug in their communion, ensuring that the following week, after once again fucking their family, friends, and in some cases their pets, they would feel significantly less innocent. Those in the back rows, he had no need to dose – they were learning their place adequately all by themselves. He expected in the future to remove the front row of pews altogether, and install an even more painful and degrading row behind the wire-brush seats, as the women of Goss Creek accepted their new status.)

After the prayers, Father Lucas would take up collection. In addition to the standard plate for monetary donations, he would send a second plate around amongst the men, and their “donations” would be neatly tied-off condoms full of sperm, representing all their masturbations for the week. Father Lucas would have one of his helper girls empty these into a large bowl, and then take it around to feed every woman in town their “communion” – a small cup of cold anonymous sperm. 

Father Lucas took great pride in the thought that Goss Creek was probably the only town in the world where every last drop of semen its men produced went into or onto a woman. 

After church, the women would be gathered into “women’s correction” circles. Here, they would strip naked, and be encouraged to admit their “true natures” by masturbating – although cumming was strictly forbidden. Instructors – the town’s sluttiest girls – would lead the women in brainstorming appropriate punishments for their whorish behaviour. The women, mad with lust and desperate to cum, would think up degrading and humiliating punishments for themselves and their friends. The instructors would lead the women in performing one or two of them right there in the circle – they might tightly bind the tits of one woman and then slap them and call her a whore, for example, or have a girl get down on all fours and take turns kicking her in the cunt.

The men, who would watch on video from outside the room, would afterwards take their women home and work through the rest of the punishments over the remainder of the week.

Within two months, every woman in Goss Creek had fully internalised the idea that she was an extraordinary slut deserving of abuse and punishment; that she had no control over her own sexuality; that men (and particularly Father Lucas) knew what was best for her; and that other women were also whores and she had an obligation to ensure that they, too, were punished and abused.

The men of Goss Creek threw Father Lucas a party for his “extraordinary work in fighting Satan”. Father Lucas spend the entire party with his cock in a woman’s mouth – five of his favourite sluts took turns keeping his dick warm – and he was the subject of no less than seven enthusiastic toasts and speeches of gratitude.

At the party, the men agreed that Goss Creek had become a much better place over the last two months – but they hazarded that they would all have an even *better* time if they only had one additional woman in their house each.

Father Lucas told them to worry no longer, and he immediately began plans for Goss Creek to host the “First Annual Congregation for Teen Christian Women”. He smiled as he accepted the bookings of busloads of pretty young Christian girls looking to affirm their faith and learn how to get closer to God, and as he brewed up the doses of his drug that each one of them would be given before going off to make the acquaintance of their host families…


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