All her girlfriends seemed to wear sluttier and sluttier clothes when they went out clubbing. No matter what Hannah wore, it always seemed like every other girl had a shorter skirt, a more revealing cleavage, more underboob, more ass. 

When her friends told her they were going to “the hottest new club in town”, and that she had “better dress sexy – not like that frumpy stuff you usually wear”, Hannah almost melted down from anxiety. She didn’t have any sexier dresses. She couldn’t bear being mocked by her peers. 

Hannah was gullible, and Hannah’s brother was cruel. He found his sister crying and convinced her that the *hottest* new look was the *basically nude* look. She should wear her nicest stockings, a pretty necklace and earrings, some attractive makeup, and nothing else. Hannah was doubtful, but she allowed herself to be dressed as her brother suggested, and soon was shyly modelling an outfit which unashamedly exposed her pretty little cunt and generous udders to the world.

Her brother grinned, and called her a taxi. On arrival at the club, she was a huge success. The bouncers ushered her straight in ahead of the line, grinning. When her friends saw her inside, they were shocked, and called her a slut, but when they saw the attention she was getting from men, they changed their tune, and within the hour two of her prettiest girlfriends had stripped mostly nude as well.

Hannah didn’t pay for a drink all night, as men lined up to buy for her. She just sat back and enjoyed the admiration, and the knowledge she had finally one-upped her friends. 

Of course, most of the drinks were roofied, and Hannah ended up being fucked by at least three guys in the club toilets, and taken home for a degrading gangbang by a group of another five, but she didn’t dare suggest to her friends afterwards that her costume was anything less than a good idea. She knew this was how she would be dressing from now on when she went out, if she wanted to have any hope of keeping the respect of her peers. She accepted that having unprotected sex with strangers was probably the cost of being popular, and she just hoped that she got pregnant before her friends, or they would be forever mocking her for not lactating yet when it was clearly the fashionable thing…


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