Helga got full marks on her Female Biology test – she didn’t even need the bonus points for turning up to the exam in only lingerie. The only question she had to stop and think about was, “List five ways a bitch can be controlled.”

Number one was by her nipples. Helga loved being pulled around this way or that by her tits, or by a leash connected to a nipple clamp. Number two was her cunt. Helga often thought with her cunt, which was much more pleasant than thinking with her brain, and often led to her stuffing nice things up her fuckhole.

Number three was her clit, which was very sensitive and which Helga knew only existed so she could be controlled by men via pleasure or pain. Number four was her neck, which longed for a collar and leash or even just the choking grip of a firm hand.

But what was number five? She played with her pigtails. Oh, of course – hair! Her hair was there so that men could pull it, leading her to the bedroom or pulling her face down onto their cock. Silly Helga! She giggled as she finished the answer.

She had so much time left on her test that she was able to prepare for next week’s Decoration exam. It required a practical demonstration. Her friend Chrissy was going to stand nude for an hour with a vibrator in her pussy, but Helga and her friend Ellie were going to do a lesbian piece, showing how girls not currently receiving attention from a man could keep themselves wet while entertaining those around them. Helga wasn’t naturally a lesbian, so while the other girls finished their test she pulled up some lesbian porn on her phone and practiced being horny at the thought of licking her best friend’s cunt. She was getting very good at it, she thought…


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