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Ever since the hypnotherapy, most of the time she was completely unaware she was nude, or that she was vocalising every sexual thought that entered her head, or that she was frequently suggesting ways for those around her to humiliate, degrade and sexually abuse her in a bright, eager, bimbo-esque voice. She didn‘t think it anything out of the ordinary when her holes were fucked, and was oblivious to the wet cum people left on her face and tits and in her pussy.

But sometimes her “friends” would give her the trigger word, “cold feet”, and she would gain full awareness of her state of dress and everything she was doing. She would be completely in control of herself, able to run and hide her shame… but with the knowledge that as soon as she orgasmed, she would become a blank little nude fuckpet again. 

Even in that state, she remained completely unaware of her second set of triggers… the ones that made her orgasm uncontrollably from humiliation. From Kelly’s perspective, when she woke to that devastating, sudden, total sense of shame at where she was and what she was doing, to the awareness of sperm on her face and her legs spread wide so everyone could see her pussy better, the sudden wettening of her cunt could only be explained by admitting to herself that she was a slut. 

And she would stand rock still as she heard everyone start to laugh at her blushing, horrified expression, and realise that she was about to cum, about to publicly orgasm from her humiliation, and that that orgasm would turn her back into an obedient fuckpet, and it was all her fault, that she could be free if only she wasn’t such a whore…

And then the orgasm would come, and she would gasp, and giggle, and sink to her knees, and start thinking up new ways for her “friends” to use her…


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