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She hadn’t thought there was any harm playing at dark magic with her friends. A charm here, a romance spell there – none of it was real, right? 

But there was a price for everything, and in the dark of night the demons came for her. They explained that whether she had believed it or not, she had made a bargain, and now it was time for her to pay her end. 

It was a small price, really, in the scheme of things. Not even her eternal soul. Merely a year in service as a succubus. Her job would be to provoke lust, inspire temptation, and promote sexual enslavement and rape.  

The changes they made to her were simple – a velvet collar symbolising her servitude. A pair of black wings, only visible to users of magic. An inability to wear any outfit that didn’t make others want to rape her. A pussy that was always wet and ready whether she wanted sex or not. 

Each day she received a list of tasks – “Tease this man until he rapes you.” “Seduce this girl until she poses for nude photos with you, then give them to her best friend so he can blackmail her.” “Tempt this man and tell him he can’t fuck you until he rapes his secretary.” “Lure this virgin into an unprotected threesome with her own brother.” When she tried to resist performing them, agonising electric pain would shock her tits and pussy. Soon she learned to simply submit, to be a good slut, and to use her sexuality to ruin lives like she was told to.

The worst bit was at the end of the year, she went back to her normal life, with the memory of all she had done. She had a baby growing in her belly, with no guess as to the father. She had regular weekly appointments with four men to be raped by them, and three girls she was blackmailing. Hundreds of photos of her performing degrading sex acts had made their way onto the internet. Her dreams were filled with sex, and she found that she could no longer orgasm from romantic, caring intercourse.

In desperation, she returned to dark magic. After summoning an incubus to give her a good, long non-consensual fucking, she begged him to take her back as a succubus…


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