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After a wave of public dissatisfaction with the decisions of male judges in cases involving female defendants, the government was convinced to establish the Women’s Criminal Tribunal, colloquially known as Girl Court.

Here, a bench composed exclusively of women would hear and try cases involving women defendants, and had wide discretion in sentencing to impose non-standard punishments. 

The idea was that women would understand other women, and be best placed to decide their cases and sculpt sentences that rehabilitated them.

However, the women appointed to the bench were all lawyers who had worked their way up through the harsh male-dominated legal community, and internalised its values. They had had to be perfect in every way to gain the respect of men, and they were harsher on female defendants than any man could have been.

Many women began receiving severe sentences for relatively simple crimes. Using their broad sentencing discretion, the Girl Court judges imposed particularly cruel punishments in many cases. Some women were sentenced to incarceration in men’s prisons rather than women’s prisons, in full knowledge of the daily rapings they would receive there. Women who had assaulted men were ordered to offer sexual satisfaction to their victims, or required to perform community service in strip clubs and brothels. Thieves were sentenced to televised whippings of their tits or cunts.

Even in such a cruel environment, the defendants that couldn’t be convicted frustrated the judges. Together, they successfully lobbied for a package of laws popularly known as the Bitch Crimes. It became a crime to be unreasonably impolite to a man; to cocktease a man but then deny sex; to not take reasonable steps to be attractive to men; or to engage in “feminist conspiracy” – anything done by a woman to support another women to the detriment of men.

Almost immediately, the majority of female politicians were arrested for feminist conspiracy, and sentenced to jail and rapings. Shortly thereafter, the judges of the Girl Court were themselves charged for being insufficiently harsh on the women that came before them. They were replaced by prettier, dumber judges, whose tits were bigger and faker. These judges would generally just ask the prosecuting male solicitor what judgement they should give, and listen carefully to the answer while sucking his cock.

Before long, the entire system was simply replaced by the Female Guilt Act, which declared every woman in the country guilty of stupidity, whorishness, deceit and laziness, and authorised any man to impose punishment on any woman at any time.

And thus the formal enslavement of women began…


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