Both the girls got hypnosis before their lesbian wedding, with the intent that they would be hypnotically compelled to uphold their vows once they spoke them. However, they should have phrased their vows more carefully.

The problems started after the wedding with the photographer, who the girls had thought seemed a little creepy but who had offered a good price. He took the standard set of post-wedding pictures, and then said, “How about something sexier now?”

The girls made faces; they didn’t want to. But he went on, “Come on now, didn’t you promise to love, honour and obey? Give me some obedience. Give me some photos that will make people a little hot under the collar.”

At those words, both girls went bright red, as they suddenly realised what they were about to do. Trying to overcome their conditioning, but unable to, they slipped out of their wedding dresses in front of all their guests, baring their tits and pussies, and began striking the poses they had seen in all their favourite pornography.

There were shocked gasps, but the photographer realised he was on to a good thing, and started shooting. Then, wanting to see how far he could push it, he said, “Good, good. Now, while you’re obedient, how about some shots of you licking each other’s cunts?”

Crying tears of humiliation, the girls agreed, 69ing on the lawn of the venue. Some of their friends and family started to disperse. Many remained, though, interested.

As the girls started to moan and buck from the pleasure of public orgasm, the photographer went for one last idea. “I usually like to do one that involves the guests,” he said, “so why don’t you nice lesbian girls each find a man from the crowd, and we’ll get a couple of nice photos of him sticking his cock in you? Don’t bother standing – you look good crawling…”


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