She had been waiting all her life for her senior year of school – the prom, the extra-curricular activities, the smiling, beautiful photo of her in the yearbook.

But what she discovered in that year was that she was a natural submissive – that she couldn’t say no to a commanding male voice, even if the voice was that of the school’s cruellest boy, and even if that boy clearly didn’t care for her at all, and took pleasure in making her cry.

She let him take her virginity, which she had planned to save for her wedding day, in public in front of three of his friends, and then let them each take a turn at her afterwards.

She let him force her to hit on all her female friends, attempting to kiss them, until half of the girls she had been friends with all her life avoided her in disgust while the other half spent weekends with her licking her pussy or having her lick theirs.

She let him tell her how to pose for her yearbook photo – legs spread, a dildo in her fuckhole, her face cropped out of the picture, in a picture that would be displayed above her name and distributed to every student in the school and their families.

And she let him make her go to prom naked but for high heels and painful weighted clamps hanging from her nipples and clitoris, a plug in her ass, his sperm shining wetly on her face and tits and her hands handcuffed behind her back, escorted by a prostitute she had been made to hire for the evening, whose cunt she would lick in front of all of her classmates…


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