Hannah tried to smile because she knew she should be grateful. Her boyfriend had been so nice to get her this bikini top. It wasn’t his fault that she had such big slutty tits and they kept falling out of the sling-bikini. 

But it was so embarrassing because every time they slipped out, he would yell out, “Stop showing off your tits, slut!”, and everyone at the beach would turn to stare at her. And then she would have to kneel, while everyone was staring, and blush as he gave her five hard slaps on each of her breasts. She felt even more guilty because the discipline was supposed to be educational and teach her to behave but instead it just made her pussy wet.

It was particularly hard to keep her breasts covered because he kept insisting that she do such energetic things in order to get her exercise. The bra gave her almost no support and it was quite painful when he made her play volleyball or do jumping jacks, and of course her oversized udders bounced free almost immediately.

And crawling on all fours, dragging her breasts through the sand, was not much better, no matter how much her boyfriend insisted that the point of the beach was to enjoy the sand and walking instead of crawling was wasting his time. He didn’t crawl, of course, but given how humiliating it was for her she couldn’t well expect him to do the same. Anyway, her tits would be dragged out of the top by the coarse sand after only a few seconds of crawling and he wouldn’t let her re-cover them until she’d completed the course he set her.

She felt so guilty about her whole slutty behaviour and inability to cover her breasts that she intended to beg him to give her another thirty punishments to her tits with his belt when they both got home. It was only what she deserved, after all…


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