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Mia and Michelle both had a crush on him, but he would only fuck them if they came to him together, two small-titted red-headed sluts.

His fun was in messing with their identity. 

He often just called them “Cunt 1″ and “Cunt 2″, but he used the names interchangeably, and sometimes Mia would be Cunt 1 and sometimes she would be Cunt 2. When he did call them by their names, he would deliberately call them the wrong names. He would call Mia “Michelle” and ignore her until she answered to it. If either girl protested he was using the wrong names, he would slap the one who hadn’t spoken in the face.

He asked for consent when he fucked them – but he always asked the other girl. “Michelle, can I fuck you?” he would say, and look to Mia for an answer. If she said, “Yes, you can fuck her,” he would ignore her, slap Michelle, and repeat the question. It was only when Mia said, “Yes, you can fuck me,” that he would push his cock into Michelle’s pussy.

On any given visit, he would fuck one girl and allow her to cum, and torture and degrade the other girl. The way he would do this is by having each girl propose a way that the other should be humiliated and hurt, and accept the proposal of whichever girl was most creative. After a while they began to feel like they were making up tortures for themselves. Mia, being fucked while watching Michelle do star jumps with small weights clamped to her nipples and clit, would have the strongest feeling that she was both being violated by a cock *and* feeling the pain of her tits and clit being tugged back and forth by the weights.

When he was done with them, there was always a ritual he had them perform before they went home. The girls would kneel naked in front of each other. The girl who had been fucked would scoop a little of his cum out of her pussy and push it in the other girl’s mouth. Then they would insult each other – attempting to say something genuinely hurtful to their friend, ideally based around her sexuality, sluttiness, intelligence and appearance, then they would passionately tongue kiss. Then the girl would had been fucked would transfer more cum to her friend’s mouth, and they would repeat until there was no cum left to transfer, at which point they would 69, each licking the other’s pussy, until both orgasmed.

To his amusement and satisfaction, over time, they began to become confused about who they were insulting. They would give insults that really only applied to themselves. Both girls would cry from every insult, and kiss passionately through their tears. Watching two sobbing girls lick each other to orgasm was satisfying every time.

Over the Christmas break he planned to take them on holiday, and not use their names at all over the entire period. He was fairly certain that by the time he brought them back, they would no longer remember which of them was which at all…


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