Kayla thought her friends were good and loyal people who respected her for her intelligence and personality. Her history tutor thought that they were struggling every day to not treat her like a cow and a fucktoy.

He made Kayla a bet. She would survey her friends on three metrics – how intelligent they thought she was, how much they would pay to have sex with her, and how much they agreed with the statement that they thought she deserved to be raped.

Then he would pay to have her breasts surgically enhanced and made obviously fake, and after all her friends had seen her new body, she would re-survey them.

If their average estimation of her intelligence and their happiness to see her raped dropped by less than 10% in the re-survey, he would apologise and give her the money necessary to reduce her breasts if she wanted to.

But if the survey showed that they now thought she was stupid and deserved to be raped, she would then fuck each of those friends, unprotected, fulfilling any fetishes and kinks they had, at the price they had nominated, with the profit going to him to offset the cost of her surgery, and she would be required to re-attend in six months to be made a size larger again.

Her friends were not good and loyal people – or at least, not good enough to pretend they didn’t know a fuck-cow when they saw one. And it turned out in the end that they had some quite *specific* fantasies about how they would like to sexually use her…


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