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Television was important in offering role models to girls, and Victoria was lucky as an actress to have the chance to play just such a role model.

She played Alicia Rose, the lead character of the wildly successful “Princess of Wall Street”. Alicia was a financial prodigy, working at the most prestigious firm on Wall Street. She was rich, beautiful, and glamorous, bouncing from romance to romance with the most rich and powerful men in the world of finance. Every young woman wanted to be her.

Which is where the role modelling came in. Alicia invariably did her job half-dressed, wearing expensive sexy lingerie at most, but frequently nothing at all except for stockings, high-heels and jewellery. The men on the show complimented her for her bravery in picking such a unique look, and she was often shown to achieve success because men paid more attention to her because her tits and cunt were bare.

(Victoria had been embarrassed to act in the nude at first, but the chance to be the lead in her own show had been too attractive to pass up, and soon she got used to never wearing clothes. After all, just like Alicia, she got more male attention this way.)

The role modelling extended to the way men treated her on the show. Men didn’t tell Alicia “no” – they just slapped her across the face. If they were really vehement, they kicked her in the cunt. On the show, everyone acted like this was just a normal way to talk to a woman, and Alicia never took offence. Often, Alicia would realise she was in the wrong, and apologise and thank the man for slapping her.

Men rarely used Alicia’s name, instead calling her “cunt” or “bitch”. It was clear on the show that when they called her “sweetie” or “kitten”, it was a high compliment, and Alicia was always shown to smile when hearing those terms – but regardless, she always responded promptly to any derogatory term as if it were her name and a natural thing to call her.

When men wanted to lead Alicia somewhere, they would grab her by the hair and drag her – or sometimes by the tits – and Alicia would allow herself to be pulled along like it was normal. When men passed Alicia something for her to hold, they would sometimes just push it up her pussy without warning or negotiation, and Alicia let it happen.

In her romances, Alicia would never ask for things of the men she was attracted to. She would just act like a flirty slut around them until they grabbed her and forcefully and painfully raped her. She would always be shown smiling blissfully afterwards, treating a violent rape as if it were a romantic first kiss.

(Victoria had assumed that the sex on the show would be simulated. She was very surprised the first time someone pushed her mobile phone into her pussy on camera, and even more surprised the first time another actor raped her on film, but if the cost of being a world-famous actress was the occasional bit of “surprise sex”, she decided she could swallow her pride, spread her legs and enjoy it.)

The show was a huge success, and had a massive influence on pop culture. Victoria would receive letters from female fans telling her how much they wanted to be like Alicia. They would tell Victoria how they’d started going nude at work and were getting way more attention now. They would tell Victoria how they hoped the boy they had a crush on would rape them soon. They would say how all the boys they knew just called them “cunt” now, and how that made them feel attractive and glamorous like Alicia. 

Victoria cried a little sometimes when she read these, but not too much, because of course on the show Alicia Rose was always sexually aroused, which required Victoria to be almost always masturbating her pussy a little between shots, and after a while being horny so often made her feel stupid and disconnected from reality. She didn’t mind. She found the rapes enjoyable now, and was genuinely looking forward to Alicia Rose’s next on-screen romantic encounter.

She was just pleased she could be such a good role model for girls.


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