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Brian had always fantasised about Jenna, but she’d only ever offered him friendship. So when she revealed she had a gambling addiction, and asked for help to control it, he offered to pay for her to see a hypnotherapist.

The hypnotist was good. He cured Jenna of her interest in gambling over five simple sessions of hypnosis. And he did it by replacing it with another addiction – the one Brian had paid him to introduce.

Slowly, steadily, without realising it was happening, Jenna became addicted to Brian’s cum.

The hypnosis stopped her from realising where the addiction had come from. The hypnosis stopped her from suspecting it was anything but her own deepest desire.

He caught her looking at his groin in their regular catch-ups – at first sneaking sideways glances, then looking at it for longer, until finally she would stare at it fixedly, a deep red blush spreading across her cheeks.

He knew he could have taken his cock out, and offered it to her, but he waited. He wanted to see her ask for it. And eventually, she did – humiliated, eyes downcast, vibrating with shame.

“Brian,” she murmured. “Have you… um… ever wanted me to suck your cock?”

He told her he hadn’t. He told her she was being gross. She cried with shame. But she asked again the next time they met.

“Please, Brian,” she begged. “Could I suck your cock?”

He told her he wasn’t interested in a girlfriend, or a fuckbuddy. That didn’t appeal to him.

“I’ll do anything,” she insisted. “I’ll be an object. I’ll be a pet. I’ll be a slave.”

And finally he agreed. He made her send him photos of herself naked, with “SLUT” and “WHORE” written on her tits, to give him leverage so she couldn’t back out, and finally he allowed her to strip naked, kneel, and taste his cock.

The blowjob was good – she was naturally talented, and her humiliation and shame made it better. But the best part was when he pulled out of her mouth at the last minute, and ejaculated on her face instead.

She squealed with frustration, and immediately tried to wipe his cum into her mouth, where she could taste it, and swallow it. He knocked her hands away, and told her she was forbidden to clean it from her face. He made her leave it there until it dried, and told her she’d only be allowed to swallow his cum when she was a good deal sluttier and better at sucking cock.

And in case that didn’t fill her with enough insecurity, desperation and shame, he ordered pizza for the two of them, and had her answer the door to the delivery boy naked, with the cum on her face, so he could see and internalised his reaction of mixed lust and disgust.

After that, she spent as much time as he would allow servicing his dick. It felt like his cock spent as much time in Jenna’s warm, wet mouth as it did in his own pants. He made it clear that she had to degrade herself if she wanted his cum, and left the process to her own imagination. She would arrive at his house in scandalously whorish outfits, often with her tits fully on display. She would masturbate as she sucked on him, or clamp her own nipples and clitoris. Once, desperate for his cum, she uploaded nude photos of herself to her public social media profiles.

Usually, he would cum on her face anyway. If her efforts pleased him, he would let her suck the last leaking sperm from the tip of his cock when he was done. If she did something truly exceptional – like outing herself as a slut to everyone who knew her – he would give her the rare treat of actually cumming in her mouth, and when he did, the look of joy, adoration and pathetic gratitude on her face was everything he had ever dreamed of.

But all the love she could give him wasn’t half as erotic as her humiliation, and so eventually he gave her the command he knew she would obey – even as it broke her addicted, slutty little heart.

“Jenna, I need a real girl to suck my cock,” he told her. “Go and get one of your girlfriends to go the same hypnotist you went to, would you? When we’re done with her, she’ll be in charge of worshipping my dick. But don’t worry – you’ll get to watch, and masturbate, while she sucks on me, and if you’re a very good girl, I’ll let you kiss her after she swallows…”


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