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It was extremely difficult to think with the man’s cock violating her pussy, which of course made it very difficult to conduct a lecture.

She had only herself to blame, of course. She was a Professor of Feminist Theory. If she’d been paying attention to her own subject, she would have been aware of the gradual changes in law that had led to a position where the university was able to do this to her. But of course she’d been too busy drinking in nightclubs and preparing her new book, and it had all gotten away from her.

She looked up at the hall full of students waiting for her next words. “And so – uh – we need to consider the ways that the structures of society operate systemically to – uh – portray women as sexual objects,” she said hesitantly. Every few words, the man behind her pumped his cock forcefully into her cunt, making her jerk forwards. There was some laughter from among her students.

The first she had known of the changes was when the Dean called her into his office, and explained that she was performing extremely poorly in her role. “We’re going to activate the male supervision clauses,” he had said.

She had been offended, of course. Male supervision? She wasn’t a child. She didn’t need supervision! But even then, she had pictured having a man check over her coursework, or offer her counselling.

That wasn’t what was happening at all, though. Instead, the man – she didn’t even know his name – had come into the lecture hall ten minutes before the lecture was about to start and given her a small brochure, outlining the nature of the program, and what he was allowed to do to her. She had gone pale with horror as she read it, and looked up to see if he was serious.

He was serious. He told her to give him her panties, and, meekly, she complied.

As the students had started entering the hall, she had stood up at the podium to lecture them – and he had stood behind her, lifted her skirt, and sunk his large, erect cock into her fuckhole. She had squeaked. The class had giggled.

“Please, go on with your lecture,” said the man, starting to fuck her in a leisurely way. And so she had, blushing bright red.

It turned out to not quite be the lecture she intended, though. Whenever she tried to say that women had rights, or needed to take action, or disobey men, the man who was fucking her would correct her. Sometimes he would slap her across the face. Sometimes he would pull hard on her hair. Once he pushed her forward hard so that her tits slammed painfully into the podium. And he would keep doing it until he corrected herself.

“Women are humans, and we have rights,” she had begun one time, only to be slapped. She tried to say it again, and was slapped again. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, then slapped her again, to be sure.

She blushed. “Women are fuckpigs, and we exist to please men,” she heard herself say, and was rewarded by a brisk and pleasurable thrust of his cock into her pussy and, more importantly, by not being slapped.

Later, she came to a difficult passage. “Women should seek independence…” she began, but stopped as he slammed her tits hard against the podium, making her gasp with pain. The motion made her breasts pop out of the top of her dress, into full public view. Mortified, she tried to tuck them back in, but he grabbed her arms, pulled them behind her back, and then slammed her now-exposed tits into the podium for a second time.

“Women should try to be slaves,” she said, loudly and clearly so that he wouldn’t hurt her tits again. “Women belong on their knees. Women are happiest when they are serving a man’s cock. My destiny as a woman is to serve.”

After that, she stopped trying to deliver her lecture, and instead rambled about how women existed only to be fucktoys for men. The more she talked, the more enjoyable and distracting the cock in her pussy became, until eventually she found herself orgasming humiliatingly right there in front of all her students.

At the end of a lecture, she would normally summarise what she had talked about, and set homework. Instead, the man ejaculated into her pussy, and then told her to dig his cum out of her pussy, smear it on her face and tits, and eat whatever was left over. The class watched her in silence. Some got out phones and took pictures.

“Write a better lecture for tomorrow,” said the man, as he tucked his cock back into his pants and left. “The topic should be why all women deserve to be raped. Make sure to include specific anecdotes from your own life that justify the central thesis.”

She knew she would do as he said. She also knew that she would be unable to stop herself from masturbating as she did it. Because deep down, she understood that she genuinely did need – and always had needed – exactly this kind of male supervision…


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