The university psych department had a theory about women’s happiness. The part of the human brain which interprets facial expressions in other humans is a complex area. Ability to interpret faces varies wildly across people. It can break down completely.

The university theorised that women who were unhappy simply had this area of their brain mis-wired. Their experimental therapy reoriented women to interpret the facial expressions of a man who was sexually attracted to them, objectifying them, laughing at them, or contemplating raping them, as instead signs of affection and approval. Conversely, respect and affection would be interpreted as disappointment and disapproval.

The therapy was not entirely successful in making the women happy, although it did over time quite radically change their behaviour as they sought out the expressions in men they identified as approval and affection. They became sluttier and more desperate week on week. Most reported a significant increase in their sexual activity by the end of the first month, much of it non-consensual.

The department, looking to improve the matter, thought the easiest way was a further program of reconditioning. It accepted that these women were probably going to be raped more often now, and simply linked their emotions of fear, violation and degradation to their sex drive, so that they would at least reliably get wet and orgasm when men violently fucked them…


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