Smart, empowered girls had made Cayton’s life hell from a young age. She couldn’t stand the thought of being one of them – instead she would be a slut, a fucktoy, a submissive set of holes. 

She made it her goal to get through her final years of school with the highest marks she could without actually learning anything. She edged between classes to keep her mind fuzzy and distracted. She seduced teachers, male and female, bouncing on cocks and nuzzling against pussies, letting them fill her full of their cum and cunt juices in exchange for marks. She fucked boys to get them to do her homework. She went without panties, and would be banished from class for her slutty behaviour to the office of the principal, who would happily spend the time paddling her ass and cunt with his hard wooden ruler until she orgasmed against his mahogany desk. 

In the end the school took a hint, and instead of requiring her to attend class, they just put her in a room by herself, to which students who needed a special reward might be sent in order to use her with or without her consent…


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