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Marta’s birthday was a very special day for her; it represented her transition to her new life.

She cried a little in the morning, and her Master had to be very strict with her. After twenty strokes of his belt to her tits and pussy, she agreed to go through with the plan they had laid out.

She spent the day completely naked, her fingers buried in her cunt, constantly masturbating. A bed had been set up in a tent in the back yard, which she largely stayed on – the bed was her place, after all – as the guests filed in to see her. She had invited all her family, her friends, her workmates, her boss, and she watched as the image of her naked, masturbating in bed seared itself in each of their brains. 

She introduced herself as Cuntbunny – her new legal name – and asked each and every guest if she could kiss their cock or taste their pussy. Most declined, disgusted. Some let her. She cried as she asked her own father if she could suckle his penis. He refused, offended. But her sister blushingly lifted her skirt and pushed aside her panties, and said, “Quickly, Cuntbunny, before dad sees,” and Marta did as she was told and pushed her tongue into her own sister’s fuckhole.

Later in the day they made a bonfire, and made a ceremony of throwing onto it all of her clothes, her identification in her former name, her educational qualifications. She orgasmed twice as she watched her identity as a human burn. 

Afterwards she serviced any of the guests who wanted her, using any of her holes that they chose. Her father had left by this time, so her sister shyly returned for another round, and this time rode Marta’s face to orgasm as her Master watched and approved. “Pinch her clit as she licks you,” her Master suggested, “it will degrade her more,” and her sister laughed and followed the suggestion, delighting in the sound of Marta squealing into her wet pussy at every pinch.

When it was all over, in the early hours of the morning, her Master finally gently fucked her to sleep, and Marta felt part of her brain switch off – the part that she had needed to be anything other than a fucktoy – and she knew that she would never need that part of her ever again.


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