In the past I’ve used these “upcoming stories” posts to talk about what’s in my “requested writing” queue, but I’m going to use this one to speak more broadly about the publishing queues across several platforms. If you want to see the normal info on requests, skip to the bottom.

Upcoming e-books

I’m expecting to release an audiobook version of Jessa Stories before the end of February, which will also coincide with a new edition of the PDF e-book (including a new bonus story, to bring it up to 60 pages), plus a new EPUB edition for sale on Amazon and Smashwords.

Beyond that, my book publishing schedule for February is a little fuzzier. The site instability issues on BDSMLR have required me to prioritise increasing my investment on other platforms. I’ve been spending time queueing more stories on newTumbl and, and that’s actually fairly labour-intensive in terms of formatting and suchlike. (Particularly the republishing here, which requires me to make a new heading banner for each story.)

My hope is to release Collector’s Bundle #2 before the end of February, which will be a bundle package of e-books 11 through 20, in the style of the first Collector’s Bundle.

I suspect there probably won’t be an all-new e-book in February, though – noting that my other paying work has resumed, I’m not quite making enough at writing to ignore it, and there’s a fairly intense stretch of it over the next few weeks.


The instability at BDSMLR has mostly stopped – although many site functions such as the “activity feed” are still not working properly. So hopefully the site’s not going to collapse in the immediate future. I note the BDSMLR community have unearthed an ad showing that the developers were trying to sell the site to new owners back in June 2020, which lines up with the general financial troubles and lack of interest in new development the site has been experiencing since that time.

All new stories are released first to members in Early Access. After that, their first public release is on BDSMLR. There are currently 48 stories in the BDSMLR queue, so that means Early Access is running a month and a half ahead of the public.


All new stories releasing to BDSMLR are also releasing to newTumbl. Currently newTumbl is running 14 days behind BDSMLR – so about two months behind Early Access – although every now and again I manually force a double-post over there, with the intention of catching it up to the BDSMLR queue.

As you will have seen, I’ve started posting stories directly to New stories publish every day at 11 PM UTC. (That’s 10 AM Sydney time or 6 PM New York Time.)

This queue is running behind newTumbl, but I can’t be precise about how far, as I’m also republishing the existing chapters of all the ongoing serials in a staggered manner, which is going to mean it ends up running further and further behind newTumbl until all those stories are caught up.

Other sites

The other sites I post on (primarily MCStories, Read Only Mind, and very occasionally Reddit) don’t have queue functions (although ROM offers scheduling) and only welcome a subset of my total stories, so there’s no queue there and posts will only appear intermittently and in no particular order.

Requested stories queue

Once again, for those who came in late:

  • There is no process to purchase story requests, either singly or included in a membership.
  • As a courtesy, I offer story requests to long-standing Premium Members.
  • I am currently working through requests from those who were Premium Members in September 2021 and who are still Premium Members today.
  • I have also solicited for October 2020.
  • Story requests are limited to vague themes, or requests for sequels, to allow me to write something that’s hot for me and enjoyable to write.

The following list shows the status of requested stories.

Story names in green text have been delivered already. The month refers to the month of membership that the request is logged against, not the date on which the story was or will be delivered.

September 2020:

  • Abby’s Identity, Part 12
  • Ashley’s Addiction, Part 3
  • Average Availability, Part 7
  • Aylee the Alchemist-Slave, Part 2
  • Candy Girls, Part 6
  • The Bonuses, Part 3
  • The Convent of Lesba, Part 4
  • The Correction of Scarlett Boyd, Part 1
  • Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 1
  • Emma’s Division, Part 1
  • The Etrebor Exchange, Part 8
  • The Etrebor Exchange, Part 9
  • Hellfire, Part 7
  • The Parole Officer, Part 1
  • Persephone Nine, Chapter 8
  • Pop World: The Fan, Part 1
  • Pregnant In Modwina, Part 1
  • Small Town Values, Part 5

October 2020:

  • Abby’s Identity, Part 13
  • Average Availability, Part 8
  • Aylee the Alchemist-Slave, Part 3
  • “bimbofication drug story”
  • Candy Girls, Part 7
  • The Convent of Lesba, Part 5
  • The Correction of Scarlett Boyd, Part 2
  • Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 2
  • Emma’s Division, Part 2
  • The Etrebor Exchange, Part 10
  • The Etrebor Exchange, Part 11
  • The Parole Officer, Part 2
  • Pop World: The Fan, Part 2

I’ll solicit requests for November when I near the end of the October requests, but if you know you were a Premium Member in October or November and don’t have a request logged against one of those months, you’re welcome to get in touch at and let me know what you want.

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