When the man abducted Lucy from outside her house, she thought she was going to be raped. He reassured her. “Don’t worry, honey,” he said. “I’m not going to rape you. You’re going to rape yourself.” She didn’t know what that meant, but at that point he gassed her, and she fell unconscious.

When she woke up, he told her what had been done to her. “I’ve implanted you with a range of tiny microchips and capsules. There are ones in each breast. One in your tongue and one at the back of your throat. One deep in your ass and one deep in your cunt, and another just behind your clitoris. They’re quite intelligent, and can tell a range of things, including your location, what you’re eating, how aroused you are.”

“They’ll constantly be scoring you. They keep an internal score from negative 1000 to positive 1000. Over time, your score naturally decreases. It decreases faster if you’re not aroused. When it gets below negative 500, you will start feeling a sense of nausea as they release certain hormones, and begin receiving painful electric shocks in your tits and pussy.”

“To stop the pain, you need to raise your score. You cannot raise your score by any means while you’re in your own home. Once you are outdoors, exposing your tits and pussy to sunlight has a gradual upwards effect on your score. Orienting your body in a crawling position helps. Being aroused helps. You can get a large boost to your score if it detects you are on stage at any of our city’s strip clubs during their business hours.”

“You can also please your tongue sensor. The taste of a woman’s cunt juices will help your score. The taste of semen will give you a big boost. Likewise, cum in your pussy or ass will earn you a lot of points.”

“Lastly, I’m leaving you with a range of specially modified toys. These clamps will give you a good score boost when they’re attached to your nipples, and an even better one on your clitoris. These dildos will also give you a small boost if you bring the tip near the chip in the back of your throat but sucking on them, or a bigger boost in your pussy or ass.”

“At the point where you get your score out of the painful region, your implants will give you a little hit of endorphins. You’ll get another one when your score goes positive after having been negative for a while. When it’s above 500 you’ll get a constant drip of happiness. If you max it out, you’ll get a short overwhelming rush of pleasure. You should know that orgasming for any reason will immediately reset your score to positive 1,000 and give you that rush. You might find it addictive.”

And with that, he let her go.

She swore she wouldn’t play his game, but she was feeling the nausea and pain start by that evening, and by midnight she was scurrying to the park down the street, furtively hiding in the bushes, to put the evil clamps on her tits and dildo her pussy with the toy she had been given until she orgasmed. She almost screamed with pleasure at the release of endorphins that hit her when she came.

She made a plan to not be a slut after that. She experimented to find out what combination of actions would hold her score steady, and decided that she could get through a day of work without incident if she kept the dildo stuffed in her pussy all day, wore the clamp on her clitoris for the morning, and switched to clamps on her nipples for the afternoon.

It was a good plan but she just couldn’t bear the pain of the clamp for that long, and she was forced to substitute regular trips to the toilet to rub her pussy – keeping her aroused – and licking her pussy juices from her fingers – triggering her taste sensor. That probably would have been enough, but it left her so horny by the afternoon that she couldn’t help herself, and found herself orgasming sluttily in the office toilets.

It also left her with a problem for the evening. Nothing would increase her score in her own house, so at first she settled for masturbating in the neighbourhood park each night before bed. But after the first week, her brain wasn’t working as well anymore. She’d been horny almost non-stop for a week, her body bombarded by hormones (positive and negative) released by her implants. She found herself walking into a local strip-club and asking if she could try out on the stage…

She felt the happiness hit the second she walked up to the stripper pole in front of the leering audience of men, and once she had pulled off her clothes and gotten down on all fours she was almost purring with happiness. She knew what she needed to complete the feeling, and, taking out her special dildo, she began to enthusiastically rape her pussy with it for the entertainment of the audience. 

It felt so good – and the orgasm was powerful – that she was crying at the end of the night. She didn’t want to have to leave the stage, and go back to a world where she was nauseous and in pain all the time. She told the manager she would suck his cock if she could sleep naked on the stage. He came in her mouth – giving her another wave of delirious pleasure – before sending her home anyway. She was back the next night as soon as the doors opened.

A month after she had received her implants, there was little on Lucy’s mind except servicing their needs. She had become a stupid little fuckdoll, and she didn’t even care anymore.

That was when a visitor arrived at her house – a pretty girl, with big tits, and a shy smile. She was clearly nervous. She said her name was Dakota.

“I think I got taken by the same man you did,” Dakota said. “He put these implants in me… and he said to look you up. He said… when my tongue implants come near your pussy implants – and vice versa – we might discover a nice surprise…”

Lucy wasn’t a lesbian, but within fifteen minutes she was naked with Dakota in the park down the road, gleefully 69ing her first woman, rolling on the grass, digging her tongue deep into Dakota’s wet cunt and feeling Dakota eagerly licking her own. There were people watching in disgust, but Lucy didn’t care – the implants were rewarding her, and that was all that really mattered anymore…


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