The story collection Sex Sells – Stories of Strange Products and Erotic Marketing has been updated to a new edition. (Check it out in the shop!)

The collection features stories of women being manipulated and exploited by advertising, commercialism, and degrading products.

The new edition features correction of typos, formatting improvements, and minor rewrites and expansions of some stories.

It also includes two new stories – “True Beauty” and “Wild Cow”, which have not been previously collected in an e-book.

The total page count for the collection is now 62 pages, an increase of 2 pages.

Both the EPUB and PDF versions of the book have been updated.

People who have previously directly purchased this e-book can download the new edition from their existing download link. If you’ve lost your link, please contact me at and let me know the username or the email you used when making your original purchase.

The new edition has been placed into the Dropbox folder for new story collections, under “Stories Membership”, and is therefore available for free to all Stories and Premium Members for November.

(View Sex Sells in the store.)

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