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Pop World collects stories of a world where the “sex sells” culture of mainstream pop music has crossed the line into abusive hardcore pornography, and pretty girls dreaming of a life of fame as a teen idol find themselves marketed as objectified sex-dolls to an eager world.

This e-book includes the early Pop World stories:

  • The New Pop Idols
  • Pop Star to Porn Star
  • Sex Kitten to Sex Cow
  • Talent Show to Teen Rapedoll

It also includes all seven chapters of the Sisterhood saga, a novella-length story of the creation and humiliating first single of girlpop group “Sisterhood”.

PLUS this edition also includes an exclusive look at the cover to the album “Kitten Licks”.

At the time of publication, the final chapter of this book has NOT been published to any free site! Read it here first!

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