The ATR Story Collection They Say It’s Your Birthday – Stories of Celebration and Degradation is now available to purchase for $3.99 USD in audiobook format. (Click here to view it in the shop.)

In addition, the price of all audiobooks has been dropped to only $3.99 USD, matching the price of the PDF/EPUB edition. This is a permanent price drop.

This release of They Say It’s Your Birthday contains all 22 text stories from the PDF version of the book, plus an altered version of the foreword, in MP3 format, read by me, the author, All These Roadworks. Total running time of the collection is 103 minutes.

You can now enjoy a “hands-free” All These Roadworks experience as you hear me narrate these stories to you. Take your erotica with you as you jog, bathe, drive or fall asleep at night!

Along with the audiobook release of They Say It’s Your Birthday, I have also updated the text version to a new 3rd Edition, featuring:
* numerous typo fixes and format improvements; and
* a new cover.

Customers who have previously purchased They Say It’s Your Birthday in PDF and EPUB can download the new version for free using the download links they received at purchase. (Click here to view the PDF/EPUB version of They Say It’s Your Birthday in the shop.)

The book’s appearance in The Halloween Bundle has also been updated to a third edition, and buyers of that bundle can likewise use the links they received at purchase to download the new edition.

If you’re a current Stories or Premium Member for November, then you can access both the text and audiobook versions of They Say It’s Your Birthday for free as part of your membership. You can find them in Dropbox under “ATR Stories Member Content -> New Story Collections”.

And finally, if you didn’t see it previously, this is not the only audiobook available in the All These Roadworks range! And all previous audiobooks have been reduced in price to only $3.99 USD! Check out the other audiobook editions:
* [ATR 001] A Woman’s Work – Stories of Workplace Degradation
* [ATR 002] Laid Bare – Stories of Public Exposure

If you discover any problems with any All These Roadworks e-books or audiobooks, please let me know at Your feedback helps me offer you a better product!

(Click here to view the audiobook of They Say It’s Your Birthday in the shop.)

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