The full-length 230-page novel Titcage is now available in EPUB format! You can buy it now for $9.99 USD! (Check it out in the shop!)

When pretty teenager Claire signs up with a lobby group for work experience, she finds herself getting more than she bargained for. 

Her new employer, nicknamed “Titcage”, works towards the complete societal enslavement and degradation of women – starting with their own employees.  

Soon Claire is locked into a cycle of arousal, degradation, and hypnotic conditioning, as she descends towards a humiliating new identity.

Titcage is at the most extreme end of my erotic material, and includes graphic depictions of incest, watersports, and systemic degradation. Readers beware.

In addition to the new EPUB version – which is sold as a single package bundled with the PDF version – the novel has been updated to a new edition.

The changes in the new edition clarify the ages of the characters, to give effect to the intent that no characters aged under 18 are involved in sexual situations. (Please notify me if you believe any aspect of the book suggests otherwise.)

This version of Titcage is still the premium never-before-published version of the novel, complete with bonus material, alternate chapters, and a foreword by the author.

People who have previously directly purchased this e-book can download the new edition (and its EPUB version) from their existing download link. If you’ve lost your link, please contact me at and let me know the username or the email you used when making your original purchase.

The new edition has been placed into the Dropbox folder for new story collections, under “Stories Membership”, and is therefore available for free to all Stories and Premium Members for November.

(View Titcage in the store.)

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