As you will have noticed, the site has had a redesign – which is to say I’ve installed a new WordPress theme and done my best to configure it.

This came about because a user pointed out to me that my previous theme (tdEditor) wasn’t displaying menu navigation buttons on mobile, making it difficult to reach the shop. It is obviously a big deal for me if people can’t give me money when they want to give me money, so that had to get fixed ASAP.

I couldn’t work out how to fix it in tdEditor, so I’ve switched to the Raise Mag theme, which appears to fix the issue with a minimum need to completely redo all my banner images etc on my end.

I’m not naturally a visual arts person, nor do I greatly enjoy fiddling around with code and options for something like a website, so the current state of the site is not *wholly* satisfactory to me. But it doesn’t look *hugely* ugly, it’s readable, and it’s functional, so that’s going to have to do for now.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know at – particularly if they stop you using the shop in any way.

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