For the last few months, Premium Members have been receiving access to weekly chapters of Hailey’s Training, a serialised incest and watersports story.

These chapters are only available to Premium Members. (Click here to view Premium Memberships in the shop.)

When I started publishing these, I warned that this was an incomplete story and that we were likely to catch up to the limit of written chapters before it was finished.

We’re approaching that point now, so to continue providing weekly Premium content I’m going to alternate between Hailey’s Training and a second serialised premium story, Impregnating Layla.

Synopsis: When Layla becomes the target of a serial rapist, she is given a challenge. Her abuser will rape her every day for a month. If she’s pregnant with his child at the end of the month, he will own her – so her best hope is to become pregnant with someone else’s child first. But with every day that passes, Layla’s ordeal becomes more complicated – and more humiliating.

As with Hailey’s Training, Impregnating Layla is at the extreme end of my writing themes. It heavily features themes of humiliation, non-consent and impregnation, and will contain some elements of watersports, incest, reluctant lesbianism, and lesbians fucked by men.

There are about 12 chapters written of this story. We’ll see what we do when we catch up on both if and when that happens.

Premium Members can find the new story in the “Impregnating Layla” folder in the Premium Members Dropbox area.

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