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So yes, again, The Lesbian Debt isn’t new. It was originally serialised for free online, and it’s been available as a PDF (in a much less attractive format) to Premium Members since the days of the Patreon campaign.

But now I’ve cleaned up the text to a more professional standard! I’ve hunted down typos! I’ve reformatted it throughout! I’ve provided a fancy new front cover! I’ve created an EPUB version to go with the PDF! And I’ve added nearly 20 pages of bonus content.

The Lesbian Debt presents the saga of flirty lesbian Laura. When she falls into debt with a Russian online gambling site, she is blackmailed into undertaking experimental conversion therapy – which sends her down a path of lust, humiliation and degradation. Laura becomes a sex-toy for men, an office slut, and as her descent continues she spreads her torment to her girlfriend and co-workers…

Please note: This is erotica about lesbians, not for lesbians. It extensively features lesbians having sex with men.

Also please note: This novel falls at the extreme end of my writing. It heavily features watersports, blackmail, incest, societal misogyny and oppression, impregnation, hypnotic conditioning, lesbians forced to have sex with men, pain, non-consent and misery. Venture in at your own risk!

This new edition of The Lesbian Debt is 351 pages long, and offers hours of reading for only $9.99 USD.

It features:

  • A new introduction by the author.
  • Typo fixes and readability improvements throughout.
  • Minor rewrites and expansions of some chapters.
  • New full-colour cover.
  • Nearly 20 pages of “Laura Raped”, an early incomplete story that predates The Lesbian Debt and addresses similar characters and themes.

Current Stories and Premium Members have received this edition of The Lesbian Debt on Dropbox as part of their monthly free e-books.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.

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