Okay, so earlier in the year we discussed options for making memberships more sustainable given the increasing catalogue of e-books and the relative value of a Premium Membership ($20) versus buying everything included in the membership individually (currently over $120).

But then 2020 happened and everything got put on hold.

With the start of a new financial year about to hit, and the change to Dropbox implemented, now is the time to get around to making the foreshadowed membership changes.

The short version is that if you’re a Stories Member, nothing is really changing. If you’re a Premium Member, you’re no longer going to have access to the entire e-book library constantly but you’ll still have far more than $20 in value available to you in a given month.

As of July 1, here’s what’s included in the memberships.

First – thank you for your support

Since the start – way back on Patreon – the core purpose of memberships was to give people a way to support me in the creation of new free content. Your membership dollars allow me to keep releasing new free stories on BDSMLR – thank you!

Stories Membership

  • Early Access – Stories Members will continue to have access to all new stories released on BDSMLR before they go live – and usually a week or more in advance. These stories are delivered via dropbox as individual PDFs using the same art that accompanies them on BDSMLR. I release at least 20 new stories each month. Going forward, I will be keeping the last two months of stories available at any given time, so you’ll have at least 40 PDFs sitting there at all times.
  • All existing Guide to Arth-Keros content – I still don’t have a date on resuming the creation of new Arth-Keros content, but Stories Members will retain access to what currently exists.
  • Four Story Collections per month – You will get access to four story collections each month. This will include all new collections and substantially updated collections as they are released. If I don’t release or update four collections in a month, you’ll get a collection that hasn’t been released within the last six months to make up the numbers. (I have released 4 collections every month this year except in April.)
  • Reality Check – Stories Members have access to the archive of Reality Check articles.
  • Priority Access to Me – Almost no one takes advantage of this, but I prioritise responding to emails or chats from members and have never intentionally failed to reply to a member. This is not an offer for sexting, but I *will* respond to questions.

Premium Membership

  • All benefits of Stories Membership – Premium Memberships include all benefits of Stories Membership.
  • Access to a rolling collection of 18 e-books – There are currently 32 books total in the ATR library (including the fanfic, premium collection and novels). In any given month, there’ll be 18 available. Each month, six of them will refresh. This will be in addition to what’s offered to Stories Members, so you’re guaranteed to get copies of all new releases and substantial updates. I’m going to post what’s available each month in advance – see below for the July, August and September selections. This represents more than $70 in value for these books alone.
    (Note: This is the major change in memberships. Instead of getting ALL e-books, you’re now getting 18.)
  • Weekly chapters of an ongoing novel-length story – Premium Members have been getting weekly chapters of the incest/watersports themed story “Hailey’s Training” for the past 10 weeks. I’m making this an ongoing benefit of membership. If I run out of Hailey’s Training, you’ll get chapters of something else. I may need to intercut between several stories as I write new chapters, but you’ll get a new chapter of something every week, and it will be exclusive. These stories will be along the lines of my novel length stories Titcage and The Lesbian Debt – darker than what I publish to BDSMLR, and including themes such as watersports that I don’t publish there.
    (This is also a new benefit.)

These changes will not be implemented till 1 July, so Premium Members have a few days to download the current full catalogue of e-books if they haven’t already.

Also, as mentioned, from 1 July 2020 member content will be delivered exclusively via Dropbox, so if you haven’t received your Dropbox invite yet, or you’re having problems, please contact me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com. I’m keen to make this work for everyone so if you have any difficulties at all please get in contact and let me work on them with you.


Astute readers will notice that neither tier of membership includes story requests.

I am still not in a position to reliably deliver on story requests, and am therefore not offering them. You’ll hear about it here when that changes. Sorry!

Premium Library

See the table below for what’s available to Premium Members in July, August and September. Remember, this is in addition to books released to Stories Members, so it will be these books plus any new releases or substantive updates in that month.


These changes are as discussed with members and surveyed on earlier in the year. (At the time we discussed only getting 12 e-books but I’ve decided to go with 18.)

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com. Thank you all again for your support.

– All These Roadworks
28 June 2020

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