Premium Members of All These Roadworks will notice that a new folder has appeared in their Google Drive content, called “Hailey’s Training”. (Check out Premium Memberships in the shop.)

Each week while story requests are suspended I’ll be releasing one new chapter of “Hailey’s Training” into this folder. This is an unfinished novel-length story, of which 16 chapters currently exist. There is no timeline on completing this work but members may enjoy the portion that is already written.

This is a story primarily focused on piss-play and watersports, so if that’s not your kink, you may not want to read it.

It details the torment of a girl named Hailey, who signs up to take part in a science experiment, only to find her urination and sexual behaviour controlled by a series of implants that gradually condition her into more and more degrading behaviour…

Chapter One is now available. My intention is to release a new chapter every weekend until I’m able to resume accepting new story requests.

The story is only available to premium members.

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