What do I have in my writing queue right now? And what’s the status of the various ongoing stories in my catalogue? Your questions are answered below!

Upcoming stories

Here’s the requests I’m currently aware of that are yet to be delivered. If you think you’ve made a request and you don’t see it here, please email me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com to sort it out.

Alternatively if you were entitled to a request for February or March and haven’t made one, email me. If you don’t know how to make a request, or would like to use one but don’t know what you want, I’m happy to help you work it out.


  • Either an Etrebor story or a Wife Review sequel.
  • “Women controlled by their schedule.”
  • Average Availability sequel.
  • New Jessa story.
  • New “Pop Star to Porn Star” story.


  • Abby’s Identity, Part 8
  • Story about systemic gender-degradation scripted TV series
  • Diana Tells The Truth, Part 8
  • Persephone Nine, Chapter 3
  • The Ternish Betrayal, Part 6

Regardless of member requests, I aim to deliver 20 new stories each month, and I make up the remainder from my own initiative. The BDSMLR feed is then rounded out to be one new post every day by a regular repeat of older stories that are now featured in collections, updated with typo fixes. (These repeat posts are not copied to Early Access, but are always stories available in existing e-book collections.)

Requests already delivered

While I’m here, if you were wondering which February stories were member-requested, here’s the list of delivered member requests for February so far:

  • Emma’s Policy, Part 5
  • Abby’s Identity, Parts 6 and 7
  • Diana Tells The Truth, Parts 6 and 7
  • Ask Dr Degradation – Educating the Step-Daughter
  • Brea Comes Home From College
  • Persephone Nine, Chapter Two
  • The Female Intelligence Project

Thank you to all members and purchasers of individual requests!

Story series status

And if you’ve got your eye on the ongoing stories, here’s the breakdown of which series are live, and which ones need sponsors. Numbers after the story name show number of chapters currently published.

Live stories:

These stories have been sponsored at least once in 2020 and have at least one requester who seems interested in their continuation. (Doesn’t mean you can’t request chapters of them to make them go faster, or highlight characters or themes you enjoy!)

  • Abby’s Identity (7)
  • Ask Dr Degradation (3)
  • Diana Tells The Truth (7)
  • Etrebor (5, plus bonus chapter in “Golden Sins”)
  • Hellfire (3)
  • Jessa Stories (6)
  • Persephone Nine (2)
  • Pop Star to Porn Star (2)
  • The Ternish Betrayal (5)
  • Wife Review (2)

Waiting stories:

These stories are not finished, or I would enjoy expanding them, but they haven’t been sponsored for new chapters in 2020:

  • The Bonuses (1)
  • Bridgitte’s Choices (2)
  • Candy Girls (1)
  • Decisive (1)
  • Destiny Stories (4)
  • Elle’s Stepmother (2)
  • Megan’s Modelling Career (4)
  • Small Town Values (2)
  • White Pineapple (5)

Possible continuations:

These stories don’t *need* extra chapters, but I could be talked into expanding them by someone who was keen:

  • The Incubus’ Curse (2)
  • The Need To Be Spanked (2)
  • Nicole Says Yes (3)
  • Olympic Swim Team (2)
  • One Weird Trick (2)
  • Parted Lips Feminine Accessories (4)

Finished stories:

I don’t intend to write new chapters of these stories at this stage, and consider them “finished”.

  • A Birthday Present for Kyla (2)
  • Chasing the Shame (2)
  • Esme’s Interrogation (2)
  • Friend Survey (2)
  • Humiliating Donna (2)
  • Letting Her Parents Pay (4)
  • The Milklady (2)
  • Slut Reserve (4)
  • Stress Ball (2)

You can, of course, request a sequel to any story you enjoy (providing I agree there’s somewhere to go that I’d enjoy writing about) – requests aren’t limited to existing ongoing series.

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