Here’s your monthly update on what’s going on with All These Roadworks.

Australian Bushfires

The immediate bushfire danger to my city has passed. There are still fires burning within sight but the combination of cooler weather, favourable winds, and a buffer of already-burned vegetation means they’re unlikely to threaten occupied urban areas in the near future.

We’re still getting intermittent smoke impacts, and there will remain a danger of new bushfires through to at least the end of February.

Thank you to everyone who has offered their support over this period.

Delayed January content

Some January content did not reach publication by the end of the month.

Members whose story requests for January were not delivered in January have been directly contacted and recompensed with an extension of membership.

For everyone else, the only outstanding item was the Arth-Keros content, which was delivered three days late, on February 3. If you were a member on 1 January, and would like a complimentary five-day extension of your membership, please email me at and I’ll make it happen. (Remember to include some detail that will let me match you to your membership, such as the username your membership is under or the email address attached to it!)

The January Reality Check is also late, but as that’s not a formal membership benefit, I’ve left it till last. It should be along soon!

What did members get in January?

(Check out memberships in the shop.)

Early Access:

Twenty-two (22) stories were released to members through Early Access in January.

Story Collections:

Members got access to four story collections in January:

These releases continue the new cover designs and full-colour interior images, and additionally contain new exclusive bonus pages. 

If you’re a Stories Member, please remember to download these e-books for your personal collection ASAP, as after 14 February these collections will be archived into the Premium Member-only section of the drive!

Guide to Arth-Keros:

The member-exclusive Guide to Arth-Keros, which details a world of high-fantasy degradation, was updated with five new entries further detailing the flora and fauna of the Forest!

Reality Check:

The December Reality Check, released in January, talked about the reality of hypnosis, sustained arousal, and orgasms – and how it differs from my stories.

The January Reality Check should be published within the next week.

Premium Benefits:

In addition to all of the above, Premium Members had access to the following additional benefits:

* The ability to request a story;

* Access to all story collections sold on this site;

* Access to my two long-form stories.

Membership benefits are made available through an invitation to Google Drive. If you’re a member and you have ANY questions about your benefits or membership, please don’t hesitate to email me at, as I really want you to feel like you’re getting value for your money.

Upcoming story requests

Here’s the current request queue for January. It’s in no particular order – stories will be written and released according to what I’m inspired to write.

* Abby’s Identity, Part 6 (DONE)
* The Female Intelligence Project (DONE)
* “women controlled by their schedule”
* Average Availability sequel
* Diana Tells The Truth, Part 6
* Diana Tells The Truth, Part 7
* new Jessa story
* advice column – mother/daughter incest, entertaining men
* “older sister teaches younger brother to use her”
* Persephone 9, Chapter 2
* new “Pop Star to Porn Star” story
* Abby’s Identity, Part 7

Plus you’ll get anything that I feel like writing on my own initiative, and maybe a couple of the remaining stories from the Tumblr era that haven’t yet migrated to BDSMLR.

If you’re a Premium Member with a story request for January, and you don’t see your story listed here, please get in touch with me at and let me know what you want.

Story requests are a perk of Premium Membership, or can be purchased individually from the store.

How is the site doing?

It’s doing very well.

January was an exponential increase on sales from December. If this level of sales was sustained over the entire year, it would give me half the total money I need to live on. I’m beginning to do the sums on what it might look like to start treating writing as an official component of my “day job”.

Thank you all so much for your patronage and support.  A lot of great writers don’t get the opportunity to be paid for it.  I really appreciate the privilege of being financially supported to pursue something that I genuinely enjoy doing.

Increasingly, direct e-book sales are a larger and larger component of the total revenue (compared to memberships), and they’re less ongoing work for me too, so that’s nice.

I’m going to flag that at some point this year I’m going to need to revisit how I handle memberships, and what benefits are included. That’s very vague because that’s as far as I’ve thought about it yet. Members will get plenty of notice before any changes occur, and no one will miss out on anything they’ve paid for.

Stats-wise, nothing’s changed in terms of top referrers or countries of origin.

My biggest regret for January (after the delayed content, obviously) is that the interruption of my work meant that I *also* didn’t have the free time to spruik the site on other platforms. That means readers on MCStories and Reddit didn’t see as many new stories this month, and I didn’t get to investigate any new platforms.

(Just a reminder that no sites are getting new content that hasn’t already been made available to members in Early Access, and no site gets any content that doesn’t go up on BDSMLR – although the nature of the queue on BDSMLR means that sometimes content will go live on other sites before it goes live on BDSMLR.)


As continuing members will be aware, I have pledged that in any month that the site made a profit of more than $300, I would donate at least 5% of profits to a women’s charity, as part of a responsible approach to the complex niche of porn I write in. (If you don’t understand this reference, please check out this page of my site.)

As a result, this month I have made a donation exceeding $85 USD in value to a registered charity providing crisis and homelessness support to women.

Thank you all for making this possible.


I am always looking for feedback as to whether you’re satisfied with my product and my site. Please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts at on any topic.

Thank you all again – you’re excellent!

– All These Roadworks
7 February 2020

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