How should member content be delivered?

Since back in the Patreon days, I’ve been using Google Drive to deliver content to members, including Early Access stories, story collections, Arth-Keros content, the Reality Check archive, and the two long-form stories.

However, there are some upper limits on Google Drive, both in terms of storage, and in terms of how many people I can share content with. We’re not likely to hit either of them in the next few months, but it’s something I need to start thinking about. There are also some other concerns I have about the suitability of Google Drive for this purpose. It’s not really designed for what I’m doing with it.

The obvious, and most likely, solution is to use Dropbox – possibly via its paid tiers. (Paid on my end, that is.)

Does that present any problem for my current members? Does anyone have an even better solution?

I’m looking for legal, reliable, reputable storage solutions that offer strong and flexible access control, and good privacy and security for users.

If you’ve got thoughts, please send me an email to

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