The November update to the Guide to Arth-Keros is now live – and it’s an extra-large one!

Members can find the new content in the “Guide to Arth-Keros” folder on Google Drive.

The Guide to Arth-Keros is an exclusive perk of All These Roadworks membership, and is available at all tiers. Members receive access to the entire Guide so far, with four to six new one-page entries added every month. (View memberships in the shop.)

Arth-Keros is a world of high-fantasy degradation, where all women are cursed to life of subjugation and humiliation by powerful demons known as the Nine Impure Natures. At its heart lies the Forest, a tangled maze of ancient life haunted by monsters that desire nothing but the rape and abuse of the women foolish enough to trespass.

Warning: The Arth-Keros material contains some kink themes not found in my BDSMLR stories, including watersports and sex with monsters and tentacles.

The new content in November’s update focuses on the nation of Val Orith, the cruel women of its noble Houses, and the unique sorcery that they wield. It’s a bonus-length edition, with 8 new entries, and one of those entries being double-length.

In this update, we look at:

  • Val Orith – A nation of wealthy disparity, governed from the City Both Risen and Sunken.
  • The Noble Houses of Val Orith  – Powerful men ruling over complexes of cruel, indolent, wealthy women.
  • The Rite of Passage – The transformative erotic ritual every noble woman goes through on her 18th birthday.
  • House Cuntmaidens – Every noble woman has her servants.
  • Cuntmaiden Roles – Some of the varied uses for cuntmaidens.
  • Val Orithian Sorcery – Nature and Operation – A brief overview of the Val Orithian national magic.
  • Val Orithian Sorcery – Basic Powers – The key abilities shared by every adult noble woman.
  • Val Orithian Sorcery – Personal Powers – Every noble woman has a single power, unique to her, and we discuss some here.

Remember that you’re welcome to expand on the World of Arth-Keros with fan-fiction, games or art! If you create something based on the Guide, let me know so I can share it!

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