So I’m still getting my head around the WooCommerce platform, and hitting a few bumps here and there.

The first subscription renewals for my earliest members are about to start going out, so here’s what you need to know about them.

You’ll get an email when your subscription is due

An email will be sent to the email address you provided when you bought your subscription, reminding you to renew. I *think* you’ll also get one or two reminder emails in the fortnight following if you don’t renew.

Subscription renewal payments are manual

You’ll need to log back into your All These Roadworks account to pay your next month’s subscription.

I’d love to do automatic renewals, but PayPal only offers that facility upon direct personal request, based on undocumented criteria that appear to include a long, trustworthy site history and a high volume of sales, presumably because they don’t want to deal with refund complaints from people who are being auto-charged by shonky operators.

PayPal’s policies around sale of text erotica are also a little unclear, so at this stage I’d prefer to not have to engage with that process. If the site gets more profitable, I hope to offer this facility (along with more payment options) in the future.

Accessing your account

You can access your account through the new “My Account” button in the top menu. (Use the “Navigation” drop-down if you’re on mobile.)

This page *should* let you reset your password and view past order details, as well as renew your subscription.

Your account should be created under the user name and/or email you provided when you made your order. The site may or may not have sent you a password when you placed your order, but you should be able to reset it through this page in any event.

If you have any trouble with your account, you can email me at to ask for your account name, details or a password reset. Please be sure to email from an email address associated with your account (such as the one you use for Google Drive access) so I can be sure of your identity.

Expiring subscriptions

If you don’t renew your subscription, I think you’ll get a couple of reminder emails, and then your subscription will fully expire.

I reserve the right to cut off access to backer rewards at any time that a subscription isn’t active, but in practice I only intend to readjust access to rewards around the first of each month, so you’ll probably have a little grace period. I also won’t cut off access while you have an uncompleted story request outstanding.

If you’re choosing to deliberately let your subscription expire, I’d really love it if you could send me an email at to let me know about your experience and what I could do to offer a more attractive subscription model.

Changing your subscription tier

I frankly don’t know whether it’s easy to change your subscription tier within a single account – if you try it, let me know what the experience is like.

But there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make a new account if you need to. If you end up doing this, maybe flick me an email at to let me know the new account is the same person as the old one.

Other benefits of your account page

I *believe* that the My Account page lets you access past orders, which should make it easy to get to your download links if you’ve bought story collections as individual purchases.

It should also let you check and edit what personal information you’ve provided.


I’m still new to operating a web store directly so if you encounter any problems / weirdness / confusion, please let me know. I’m very happy to issue refunds if anything goes wrong or if you don’t get what you’re expecting.

And thank you all so much for your continued support. It really means a lot – you’re awesome.

All These Roadworks
September 2019

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